Event Award Claim Process / Completion Tracking / Grind

The PVE content for events is starting to get interesting but it’s still a big grind. Having to press claim reward in order to reset the challenges should just be automated. I really don’t want or need to push another button to receive my pavlovian reward. I’m already paying you to play.


Don’t worry. It’s all to fight bots, and in the fights against bots everyone else and in particular actual users have to suffer a little bit. Or it is so that you get all the rewards because CCP’s coding couldn’t calculate rewards properly in the past and you missed out on some reward contribution points. Conveniently, now you have to blame yourself when you miss out because you were just too lazy to press the button.

Take your pick and watch the PVE presentation from Vegas, where the Dev who did this talks about it full of smug and pride… :slight_smile:

source ?


I asked a source, not random ■■■■■■■■.

Do you really believe CCP would openly admit that? They do a lot of rubbish, but admitting that they actively hurt proper users to prevent bots from functioning efficiently doesn’t belong into that category.

So you have no source and are affirming things because it pleases you.

That’s called a lie.

That’s not a lie, that’s taking an educated guess based on available evidence. Or can you think of another reason why they would actively endeavor things that make PVE harder for actual players and in reality easier for bots because of repetitive actions? Let me know if you have an alternative explanation for my 2 suggestions.

No that is not. Affirming things is not taking a guess.
Taking a guess should come with modals , like “could”, eg “that could be to fight bots”.

With no source, is not educated.
Education means you have knowledge that can be shared, and results from a debate. Opinions based on what you would like to be true are not education.

Just because you can only imagine one reason (or actually, are only pleased with one reason) does not make this reason truth. Sometimes you (and me too!) just don’t have the possibility to understand the things. Without enough information, all remains is “we don’t know”.

PLUS what you are saying is false by all mean.
This bad mechanism actually helps people using scripts to periodically click on the button. They get more reward (they miss less) and they can focus more on the site.

So what you are affirming is not only a lie, it’s also absurd.

Do you eve know what lieing means. To lie is to intentionally try deceive someone. He is just hypothesizing with evidence available. No reason lambast the poor guy for answering someone question to best of his knowledge.

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:thinking: Are you trying to be sarcastic this whole time?

Well then he needs to reformulate his posts.
Saying “it’s all to fight bots” is not the formulation of an hypothesis.

When I asked for source, I expected something well documented. I’m disappointed by how the formulation and the content do not match. I feel like I’ve been click baited.

Not at all. This mechanism is worse for people who are not using scripts than for those who already are used to making scripts, so it gives the later an advantage.

Just like when governments create laws that are said to be “against terrorism” but actually only hinder non-terrorist citizens. In the effect, they don’t fight terrorism, instead give it a hand.

Yet this does not mean this “feature” was not intended to prevent bots ; however it means this “feature” is not actually fighting bots.

That’s just semantics. My entire post was about CCP’s coding incompetence in both cases of accurately calculating reward contributions or fighting bots. My point is that instead of doing something useful, CCP again just digs up the most atrocious way to harm proper players and encourage them to endeavor illegal activities to alleviate the pain, just as you said and just as I said.

And still you have no source. Again the fact that you can’t imagine other reason does not make it the real reason. For this you need to have words of CCP dev team.

As it appears to me, you are just ranting without any real knowledge of the situation. I asked you source because maybe you have reliable ones - seems you don’t.

As of CCP’s coding incompetence, you are free to create your own MMO. Especially since you don’t trust them. When you encounter the same issues CCP did, you can they tell us what is good and what is bad.

I personally totally agree this feature is ■■■■, from a consumer point of view. Yet this does not mean I understand the reasons for this shitty feature.
Yet as a coder I understand that sometimes how the client understand the program and how it actually is are just two completely different things.

I agree it’s still a little annoying the way it’s presented, especially if the assumed reasons happen to be correct (but that’s another argument), although far less so now it no longer needs the Agency window open to do. That was a smart move on CCP’s part in my opinion. It’s still tedious, but at least that shows CCP’s willing to adjust things to help. Personally, I’d like to see a “complete x number of sites” objective again instead of “kill x number of dumb dumbs” to at least cut down on the loss of progress due to kills being missed between clicks. Hell even spacing the objectives out more to reduce the frequency of needed clicks for points would be nice. Even better if they eliminate the need to redeem DURING a site would be productive as that seemed to me to be the biggest reason I kept forgetting to click redeem…I’m busy running a combat site.

I do not need to understand the reasons for a crappy feature if it is objectively crap and hurts users. The reason for its introduction are utterly meaningless if the previous version, which some people described as faulty because it did not calculate points correctly, was still a better experience than the current version, which is not only more cumbersome but also puts the burden for missing out on points on the enduser. No logical or acceptable reason exists to justify this development behavior. Whatsoever.

If you have an issue, you fix the issue. What CCP did is pass the outcomes of the issue on to the enduser without fixing it at all.

I don’t have to learn coding or understand the intricacies of coding to understand when someone screws up. No one asked CCP for changing the already hideous Agency window functionalities into even worse experiences. However, if programming a piece of software properly that simply counts points towards a total sum is too complicated for CCP to do without problems, I will justifiably doubt their competence.

You should not have to click anything to claim your reward tiers. That approach to that feature is flawed to the core, especially since it worked without clicking before.

actually yes. You can’t understand something you don’t understand.

Now I’m fine as you admitted you know this “feature” was made to fix the bug of points not collecting.
You were effectively lying all along.

I disagree when it comes to basic stuff like this. I can do addition and subtraction of different point values pretty well. That is all this feature does in each card and that is what CCP screwed up. There’s not much else to understand.

That is exactly my point. CCP did not fix this issue. It moved the burden of compensating for it to the users. I have missed out on a lot of points just because I could not click the button fast enough while my 5 drones where killing 5 targets at once in the last event. And those points were lost, they did not register for the next reward tier.

The only thing that I do not understand here is why the users are punished for their coding shortcomings. I would gladly read an explanation for that. :slight_smile:

Totally with you on that. It was a ■■■■ decision. Thing is, whether CCP was right to add that in or not, do you think “get rid of it” or “change it back” is going to garner any consideration, let alone response, from them? I think they’d be far more receptive if the feedback and suggestions players offered were less about our individual approval and more reasonably constructive. You and I know they aren’t just going to reverse a feature just because there’s some grumbling from a few players. So if they won’t do that, then why not at least work with them on finding a compromise that satisfies both CCP and the player base?

and a computer will do it billions of times faster than you.
So just because you know how to add 1+1 does not mean you understand the issues of development. They are just not on the same scale. Yes, a single standalone automated counting system is easy to do. Now do it in a more complex environment(distributed, database, notifications, etc.), and your system crashes. The complexity of a system, thus the bug appearance, is exponential with the number of components it is linked too.

You have a choice of belief : believe that things are simple and the devs are lazy and lying. Or believe that things are not simple and devs can’t do better in a reasonable amount of time.
You chose to believe that you are better than CCP’s devs. Because you feel better than other people ? Because you don’t trust them ? I don’t know. Yet it’s strange to think you rather consider CCP as a firm that employs incompetent devs rather than accept you can’t understand the complexity of theissues.