Login Event Track LIES!

Being a little facetious with the title but still this is a bit of a problem that I’ve ran into a couple of times and I’m curious if anyone else feels the same way. So the event track is split into alpha and omega right? And if you get omega halfway through the event you can collect all the omega rewards from previous days in one go, all great so far. My problem is how it tells you that if you get omega during the event you will collect all the rewards from the omega side of the event AUTOMATICALLY. The first thyme I went and got omega during an event, I just went to bed after I gifted it to my character thinking it would just throw them into my waiting rewards. Woke up the next morn to be very disappointed, apparently you do get all the rewards “automatically” and all at once but only if you go back to login and hit the claim button one more time. Now at the time I just took it in stride because I gave omega to my character minutes before downtime, literally as the “cluster shutdown in 4 minutes” came up so I thought that it registered as the next day when the event was over and I figured that was why I did not get them. But last night I gifted omega to my character then still not knowing you had to hit claim again, I called it a night and went to go to bed, the only reason I noticed was because I went to EVE portal to unpause my skill que and I saw I didn’t have the unallocated SP from the event (I know SP doesnt auto apply but at the time I was pretty tired) I panic logged in, hit claim and went to bed stewing on this.

It’s another example of the UI and descriptions of things clearly lying to the player, or at least being half true and not very descript. To be clear I have no problem with how it actually functions, I totally understand that it may not be possible for CCP to have it collect the previous days on its own due to some code issue or people exploiting it somehow. My problem lies in the description saying it collects them automatically. Please have it apply without having to log back in and hit claim or even simpler than changing how it works just change the description to say you have to log back in and hit claim. People take things at face value when it comes to a mission, item or mechanic description because they have no reason to believe that the UI is lying to them and when it does you often think you did something wrong or attribute it to something else like earlier with the cluster shutdown. Then when you find the UI is not accurate it makes you question everything about the game and harbor a bit of resentment.

Stop confusing people with descriptions that are clearly not accurate or half true. Make sure if you have to do something like hit claim again or mine a rock and refine it to get tritanium that it is clearly defined by the description and stop telling people to go out and mine tritanium!

(Pologys that this turned into a rant but damn I did not realize how frustrated I was with this till I wrote it all out)

I guess I understand where you are coming from, but I always approach eve from this view point.

If a system works a specific way (ie. you have to hit the claim button) I always expect the system will work that way, regardless of what a tool tip or flavor text says.

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