Login Rewards Day 1 of 3 Only 3 Days Long

Read title.

Is this a public service announcement?

the fomo is real

But anybody who cares about these shuttle skins and penny-ante skillpoint giveaways should already be logging in every day to get the daily “challenge” and keep the 150k skillpoint stack moving forward.

I can’t believe CCP doesn’t realize how infuriating this ■■■■ is.

I wish CCP would have either an auto-accept option or an auto-decline option for omega “rewards”.

Tabbing between the two rewards pages is funny.

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Yes because CCP is still to stupid to understand that having a 3 reward event, that only lasts 3 days, and not telling your customers, is dumb.

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Funny would not be the word I would use… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m sure they’ll send out emails in the next day or two.


They announced a recent arena tournament on Steam about 5 hours after it ended, lol.


Maybe CCP doesn’t know about it. It is a Caldari event.

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Right, the Trig team is looking at it and wondering, is Caldari a kind of seafood?


i love caldari

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You don’t log in every day?

Filthy casual.

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