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Anyone else think having to manually claim your rewards now is very annoying? I have to keep the agency window up and watch when I get the points to claim or I end up not claiming it and miss some progress I could be using for the next goal. The window is soo big it takes up so much of the screen its hard to see anything going on.


It is CCP’s way of fixing the notification spam that people complained about before. Now you have 50% notification spam paired with 50% click spam. CCP Logic.


Probably idea from someone who added GONG sound or vertical text to UI. Or those “chat bubbles” that obstructed people names and avatars in chat.


I cannot see the logic for this at all. I know @CCP_Dragon mentioned something like he didn’t think it was a good idea but it went in anyway, I wonder if he would tell us the reasoning for this change. It is seriously annoying.

If CCP want to slow us down, reduce the points awarded or make the challenges harder, all this does is annoy folk.

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Agree, it is very annoying and i’m always losing points 'cause i forget to click the “View Rewards” thing.
If the “View Rewards” button would be a “Get Rewards” button, at least we’ll dont have to open everytime the Agency window.


Fixed that for you.

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LOL :rofl:

how could you possibly bring the words “CCP” and “logic” together in one sentence…

This is a paradoxon…

So the Blood Raider’s event was awesome! However trying to follow and manually click the rewards while having all that dps on me was terrible! Why can’t we just have it work correctly with the automatic points when you get them?? Why do people think the choice is not lose any progress with the manual claim system or get ‘most’ or ‘some’ of your points with the automatic system? Why not work automatically AND get all the progress you earn?

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