Skilling Spree - Event Feedback

Click on the Flag icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Look for a little flag icon at the top-left of the screen, right of the Search, System Info and Route icons. Click the flag and an entry ‘Skilling Spree’ should appear just below the Route info.

as it has been pointed out 10k free sp is more than fine but I never get anything else. For 1 week just once the 25k one and nothing besides that.

I also quit from being a part into this farce.

Did you get a compensation for the lost days? My event got stuck on day 1, but I only got 10k SP for 6 lost days … it should be at least 60k.

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It can be hard to notice that something is missing. I would be remiss in not thanking the “skilling spree” developer for not requiring a separate click to claim reward points!

The system seems to be using portions of the limited-time Agency Event rewards code, which earned several - complaints for requiring a separate click to claim the reward, when it could easily be awarded automatically; and, in fact, the first limited-time Agency Events were fully automatic.

Thanks @CCP for restoring / keeping the player’s reward-association on gameplay actions! Please carry this philosophy into the next limited-time Agency event. :slight_smile:


I only got 10k.

i only got 10k and that character has been screwed since day 1

1 of my accounts got the 25k mission, rest got the 10k.

What genius thought this was ok?


The same genius who thought grinding for SP was a good idea.

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Yup, two days into this and it is already getting old.


Hey, at least you are getting the “event”. Mine stays at “unallocated skill points added” after the first time and doesn’t refresh the next day. Great content!


Definitely make sure to clear all cache files, also verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files in the Launcher.

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Which is a growing number of EVE players. They think that WOW-like grinding for progress is much better than passive training that made EVE as great as it has been until a few years ago. And CCP seems to agree with this bunch of incompetent lunatics.

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That’s the meaning of “random”…

One gets 29X10k worst case,another one gets 29X50k best case and anything between…

How do you not get this and who said it has to be “equally” paid out?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Duro’s much talked about Great Future for PvE only Highsec;

Random awards for not doing much.


_Well…this is caught “things change over time”.

If you can’t stand it you cal leave if you like to…

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Yes…why not?

The time of “eve is special” ended with skill extraction…

All that comes after it is just logical…

Sure lets go with it.

Im sure the crowds of people saying how much they love it will be along soon.

I mean, no one could have anything against totally random rewards for pointless little tasks, could they?