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The February release brings a whole host of quality of life tweaks to EVE Online, including a long list of “little things” as well as UI fixes, stability improvements and visual updates.

This release will also see the kickoff of a new event, as the Guardian’s Gala returns with improved visuals, more challenges and more diverse rewards.

I have 2 notification feeds, but nothing is there … I can’t clear them, a relog will remove them but as soon as I undock they are back again

Seems to be fixed now … Thank you :wink:

I am disappointed to see that the “whack-a-mole” mini game is still required to play for Agency points. Forcing players to repeatedly click a button to claim points is lame. Past events did not require it. Point gains used to be automatic and you only needed to focus on … the game! Computers are really good at the “keeping track of stuff” business. At least, they used to be.

Some say that this was done to discourage botting. But it was actually harder to bot in the first instance, when the floating Agency window had to be called up constantly. Now CCP thinks it has improved this new, awful system by making the claim buttons dock with the main screen, but this fixed position would actually make automation easier.

Some say it was done for performance reasons, but if that’s the case the checks and “keeping track” bookkeeping business could simply be delayed further … its not a big deal, if the point gains and rewards lag 5 or even 10 seconds.

CCP please help make your game easier to play - like it used to be. Thank you!

Added Feb 16: One of my other old requests has been for more dates and identifying info on Event loot: I want to thank the team for properly tagging the Log entries with Gala YC121, this is incredibly helpful for players wanting to remember where all these bizarre items come from, years in the future. (EVE Forever?)

The Special Edition Commodities category is filling up with mysteries of What Event, and When. The list is getting so big, it about needs to be sub-categorized for ease of browsing!


ok I just saw you need to add cynos to over now ok I don’t then I got a buddy to light at the sun and guess what happened there was no cyno on over view so please wots going on with this why have over for cynos if you cant see then unless you on grid wtf

overall some great changes like beeing able to see value of cargoscan etc…
still no solution on abyssal pvp stalemating?

The memo.

They are in a new overview group now.

The balance of the mining in this event must be some kind of joke.

Amethystic Crystallite reprocessing requires 1000 units of ore and yelds 2 units of tricarboxyls (-reprocessing efficiency. So half of that in reality).

So you need to mine 3000 m3 ore to get aproximately one tricarboxyl.

To make the Basic ‘Ardour’ Cerebral Accelerator you need 42 units of tricarboxyl.

With my poor mining skills I mine 17 m3/s with a Covetor.

I would need to do about 123 minutes of non stop mining. This does not include the time wasted in partial cycles and moving around.

With better skills and boost you could mine much faster. But the ammount of mining for the lowest of lowest accelerator is still stupidly high.


Hovering over a URL turns the URL white. Underlining is fine, but the URL highlighting should stay as it were before: orange. The chat channel link color is interesting. If I change my color setting to Plasma or Gallente, it becomes slightly harder to read.

Why can I not remove or hide or at least push down that stupid Activities folder to the bottom of the neocom menu? Why can I not have important things like Wallet or Contracts right in the top category of the menu?

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Still no Spirit skin for the Proteus? Come on guys, the Glacial skin works, why is this so much more difficult?
(Not to mention that I got the skin last year, but it was replaced by an implant that has questionable value on the market at best and absolutely no value to me.)

@CCP_Falcon Just letting you know there’s a typo in the patch notes.

  • Male and Femal Guristas Caps can now be sold on market.

You’re missing the “e” on “Female” :wink: Unless you want to remove the “e” from “Male”, for equality sakes haha

Take a look at this news item for mpre details on the return of the Eros Blossom…

Spot the mistake in the launcher ad. And it’s an advertisement. Your statement of no ads really lasted … 4 days, And thanks to the new launcher layout I now do not see any of the dev blogs from today. Thank you very much for that. @CCP_Avalon

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Great work on the jobs counter in the industry window. Was overdue that this information shows all the time. Just one thing: Could you maybe make that 2 columns so that the text can be larger? The tiny numbers are rather hard to read if you don’t sit 30 cm in front of your monitor. :slight_smile:

Did you change something with graphics? Either my potato nvidia is dying and with its last breath decide to show what it is worth or you update something.

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I run in potato mode. Everything is turned down or off except turrets. But now the graphics look amazing and my settings are the same. In fact, things look so much better than what I was used to, that I took a screenshot and made it my wallpaper.

Exactly, I even started to switch some settings on.

I hope your’s is still looking good. Mine’s gone back to looking as it did before - plain and boring.

How did you switch it back to “brick” mode? I use my old laptop at work to comand fleet, when i can’t get home in time. And this update burned my eyes. Everything is blurry and i get lags when number of ships in field is increasing.

UPD: Launcher => Settings => Run clients with DX9.

I logged out, and when I logged back in it was brick mode.

mine has been jumpy with graphics as well. i play in potato mode and it will randomly jump up to medium or higher graphics, most often when fitting a ship.

my work around for it is to change my shader from low to medium, apply, then change it back to low and apply.

usually fixes it.

Good work on the little things. Their list is impressive. And I very much like the new organization of the left side menu. It is very intuitive now.