Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

Iv’e really tried but 3 days in and i officially give up.

Main reason, i can’t find the sites to run. I can maybe find 1 every 2 hours in the region i live.

In 3 days hunting hard iv’e accumulated 280 points and i just can’t do it anymore.

Needing tickets+Minerals+isk to acquire loot is ridiculous and even more so if there are no sites to run.

This is an incredibly unbalanced event, very disappointed, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t go this route on future events


My, how the chickens have come home to roost. I tried warning folks last year but got punched in the face (not by the players, that is)

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All I’ve seen by way of response was from @CCP_Sledgehammer on a Reddit thread. The entirety of that response was:

“Thanks for your feedback.”

Sadly, that’s more acknowledgement than we’ve gotten here on what CCP set up on their own forums as the official feedback thread.

Sorry, but that’s just depressing.


I’m just gonna add my 2 cents because I think the more overwhelmingly negative feedback is, I don’t know…something might happen? I will start of with the TLD;DR version “This event is utter garbage”.

  • Small ships don’t drop anything
  • medium ships drop something but its all garbage…
  • boss might not drop anything, or just warp off
  • average loot after doing a site is about ~500,000 ISK in value if you are lucky
  • I had more than one site where my loot was Metal Scraps and 100 rounds of worthless ammo
  • Fireworks are not a reward for 90% of your player base

Where are the skin drops, where are the accelerator drops, where are the small chances of getting faction loot from a boss? Those were the things that made events fun, and they are all gone. At the very least the rounds of ammo you get from wrecks could have been faction ammo, but its not even that. Literally everything I get from these sites gets tossed. E-VE-RY-THING. How sad is that?

So ok, you find tickets…which are…worthless, I need to trade them in at the site for a random item AND have some mineral I don’t have, AND pay ISK? I’m not even going to try that once. I don’t gamble. Neither should you.


Them thanking, but not listening, I bet next event will be even worse! :joy:


I like the idea of task variety for points, just not the fact I feel insulted that CCP no longer automatically rewards me for completing them. If you boycott claiming tasks, you can’t have any complaints about task bugs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One nice thing for old-timers, is the rareness and/or expense of obtaining loot, won’t do much to devalue my collection of Spirit skins from previous events :wink: After about 10 sites completed, I got a ‘damaged’ loot crate from a BS wreck, and it gave me a Spirt skin. yay.

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Just wonder why CCP don`t put event on test server… They know this will be fail ?

If so game is in much worse condition that I thought.


I think one issue may be that its a common server for chinese and the rest of the world servers, Tranquility and Serenity. But I dont know, just guessing.

It’s obvious, they didn’t do because they knew players won’t like it.


Sorry again what was fixed ?


Just regular Reset by DT


Keep on dreaming that this Event will see any Feedback / Fix / Patch

…and judging by the speed and price I can sell those Tickets on Market, there IS already
a gambling Community in Game…



I’m not touching the event with a 10ft pole based on what I’m seeing everywhere. However, based on how fast my left over minerals from the Halloween event are selling, there are a LOT of people gambling their asses off out there. Order after order of 1-25 minerals, so it’s not people making boosters,


New Kids on the Block buying PLEX with mamas card and gambling. Ofc not only.
But sadly one of the ways to get revenue. Lootbox gambling.


This answer is not so obvious. If this is truth they also decide run bugged, unfinished event with build in gamble mechanic on live server even if they know there will be big negative feedback.

And now they shut down communication with players. This is sign of problems inside CCP team imo.

No one will forge such PR fail and just fire it. This hurt game player base and CCP income.

EvE was a nice and rly stable game for last 2 years (for me) but now I will just take a break and watch how they deal with all this problems.


Having same bugged event goals. Also, I’m okay with gambling mechanic but maybe less slap in the face -sh i “spent” 40mil on 2 tickets and got a 3rd tier overseer and a an overclocker I :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a more balanced risk:reward vs “blind” chance?

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Loot Boxes and then a convenient 10% off Plex sale…


Yes, must be. Strange that. I just had to try to bring in the 3 tickets that i looted. The prices i got went from, soso, to utter crap, to plain insulting.

For 2 days in a row on multiple characters, once I complete an event task, I just get a grey box. No new task. Also, tasks with timers tick down to zero, then just stall – no new task. It’s impossible to make progress in this event without new tasks. I’d hoped you’d address this in last night’s patch, but nothing. I’ve done events for over a year of playing, and this has never happened. Extremely frustrating to say the least.

I don’t understand how they still have the nerve on calling 10% discount a “sale”. And during an event that literally everyone hates and they’re not doing anything at all to fix. LOL



Wow… the loot isn’t worth it , the bs drop isn’t worth it, the mining isn’t worth it and it is bugged as a bonus.
And i know its taste but I find the event skins fugly. #CCPlease :frowning:
Thank you , next …


Hello everyone,
Hello CCP

This event was supposed to be the “funniest ever made”
Well first thing first, I deserted it, its not more than sh*t.

Here are the reasons making me tells that :

1 - You need to mine so much
1000 units of a 3 m3 ore to reprocess into 1 mineral
There are crafts like limited time skill training acceleration boosters requiring 210minerals per run so ………. 630 000 m3 of ore to mine and it actually represents Something like 90 sites to complete. LOL

If you compare the accessing ‘difficulty’ between those accelerators and the others (those in other events), you can count it in light years.

2- The gamble is sh*t

You can play 13 000 000 isks AND some minerals that are so nice to get…… tadaaaaaa : 3ths overseers

3- The skins are nice but not great

Well I can say much more but its already a pain for me to enumerate my déceptions for a so long awaited event.

One more like this and I quit, yes, the goal in eve is to play and events are made to make this happen.