Version 18.08 - General Feedback

I just think it might be a little easier to have CCP add a feature like this than for every player traveling through HS/LS on a regular basis to maintain dozens of systems to avoid. Especially if at the end of the invasion those systems become safe for travel. Unless I’m missing some easy way to manage all systems on your avoidance list.


i don’t think this word means what you think it does

So “Multispectrum” = many ranges and that’s supposed to be somehow better then “Adaptive”? The word doesn’t even make sense goddammit.



To move through trig space requires positive trig standings, which means negative edencom standings. Either way, a choice was made. You can’t be neutral to both sides of that war. Choices have consequences in EVE.

Just stay out of those systems. You’re not forced to use it any more than anyone in null or lowsec is.

Did you complain about the Drifter attacks in null last year? Are you opposed to the new ‘space weather’ null players will be forced to deal with? What about the FOB rats players have been forced to deal with or move away from? How about the changes to market fees?

Lots of things get forced on us. In this instance, you had a choice. You made that choice.

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Can we get more than 21 alliance contract slots so we can actually utilize the multi contract function?


Now that’s just crazy talk!

Sure, I fully support you! -> Little things / Small QoL suggestions you can repeat it there.

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Thank you.

Perfectly reasonable, pity it wasn’t like that from day 1 though…


It was, though. If you don’t work for them, the Trigs will shoot you. Period. From day 1.

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Soz didn’t intend to trigger a ccp ambassador. I’m sure you’re an expert on the whole mechanics

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{my bold}
A choice was made under different circumstances, as you could indeed be neutral to both sides. It’s this fudged last-minute change that people are objecting to.


Well yes you could, that’s the reason people did it.

You are claiming that people did something that was not possible.

Well it is. adaptive means that it evolves with time, which is wrong. multispectrum means that it effects several spectrum (edit : spectrum values).

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Don’t be disingenuous, you know perfectly well what I meant…

EDENCOM NPCs will now be hostile to players which have any negative standing with them

Oh, it only took you 2 months to bring symmetry in terms of the reaction of NPC EDENCOM forces against pro-Triglavian players. During this time, NPC Triglavian forces have been brutally massacring both pro-EDENCOM players and players wishing to remain neutral throughout this high sec pigsty in the face of the invasion. Two months. You took your time CCP, you narcissistic ignorants.

Rebalanced Amarr, Caldari, and Triglavian NPCs

First of all, it takes you too long to finally do something with an obvious imbalance with both Amarr and Caldari EDENCOM ships. Players were giving you feedback all the time about really lousy situation with invasion, especially in Caldari space.

Secondly, what exactly you rebalanced in Caldari EDENCOM ships? Admit it, you just patched EM res hole and you think that’s enough of your hard job, right? EM res hole was part of the problem, but not the only one. Caldari EDENCOM ships are as useless as before, so nothing really changed.

CCP, you are behaving in an extremely irresponsible and unprofessional manner. What’s worse, you’re just convinced that you have everything under control and you know what? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Triglavian Invasion Chapter 3 - your biggest failure in 2020. That’s all.


Not necessarily over time - i’d immagine the nanites to adapt to whatever is hitting them at a given time. Not saying it makes perfect sense but

and there is only one spectrum of damage types.

Done thx


Great! Now you need to read post 1 from that thread and edit/reformat your posts :wink: Maybe put a screenshot so your idea is clear enough. See other posts in that thread too.

Then wait several weeks/months/years for implementation :expressionless:

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edit : I mean spectrum values in the following, not spectrum.

there are 4 damage types and as many spectrum as you want.

example 30% em, 40% kinetic, 30% explosive is a spectrum.
So polyspectrum is efficient against all spectrum, while eg em version is more efficient against EM-heavy damage spectrum.

People involved were asking for clarification about that from day one. We never got an answer until this patch… and this patch says “This was unintended behaviour”.

Honestly though, if it wasn’t people being upset about not being able to be neutral to both sides, it’d have been eventual crying about gates turning off in lim systems - something that both sides expect to be coming through the pipes.


yeah. to nondamage edencom ships …sure…

:red_circle: This is not an option anymore. CCP said players would have to take “difficult choices”. Now CCP finally any weeks too late followed through with one tiny step into that direction. Decide which side you want to be on and fight for that side. Neutrality is not an option.

The only thing that’s fudged here is that this was not the case from the start. Just typical #CCPQualityCoding and the notorious “We’ll watch and see how our crap development works out” strategy.