Returning player - a few annoyances

Hi all,

I’ve come back to the game after a couple of years out and have found several things quite annoying, some of which I remember from the 2+ years ago.

  1. When docked, why can I not sell items from the contextual menu when these items are in my cargo hold or in a container in my Item Hanger. Why must I move items to the item hanger before being able to quick sell? Same with creating contracts too.

  2. If you run abyssals in a cruiser and have 2 stacked filaments in your cargo and right click to activate, why does the system take both filaments?

  3. Can it not be far easier to see who/what is damaging your drones? So I can eyeball the list of log messages in the center of the screen, but it would be very nice to see what’s tacked/damaging my drones at a glance.

  4. I really like the simulation mode on fitting. But can there be a collapse everything(!) in the modules hierarchy list. Not sure if it’s my OCD or a small annoyance when manually navigating around, but collapsing everything with a quick click, would mean way less scrolling to find the one thing I want.

  5. There seems to be a slight delay on activating modules or giving drone commands, so you end up spamming the commands until you get the impression your command has been accepted. Can there be some sort of immediate feedback, even if the required action is delayed by design?

  6. I like the “Buy all” and “Fit ship” options - very useful! But with the “Fit ship” option, if you’ve been a good pilot and sorted all your stuffs in your item hanger into containers for ease of access, then the “Fit Ship” option never finds the required components.

Off the top of my head, that’s all.
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Add these to CCP Karkur’s Little Things thread.

  1. The item remains in situ until purchased so it needs to be in a place that doesn’t move around - ships and containers are mobile, hangars are not.
  2. Agree
  3. Probably needs too much dev time to get priority.
  4. Agree
  5. You send the command to the server and it acknowledges. There is always going to be some lag - whether it’s noticeable depends on the quality of your connection to the server.
  6. The fit ship was a boon when building doctrine ships - I believe that was the intended use case. You may want to put commonly used modules in a single container - that way fit ship will get everything but the esoteric stuff.
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  1. The market holds you item in a static location until sold the item hanger is the only hanger guaranteed not to move or change access to prevent the item from being removed by the market.
  2. It doesn’t you either encountered a bug or misread
  3. The drone UI would have to be heavily reworked to include that information
  4. It would be nice but not sure how much work that would be to add.
  5. This is due to the server tick system that EVE users and the limitations on how fast the servers and EVE clients can communicate. The system would have to be completely redesigned to be more accurate.
  6. The storage and hanger accesses are incredibly complex. It would require and secondary interface like industry to pick your hanger you want to pull from which would like just add confusion/unnecessary detail to the average player.


  1. If what you say is true, seems like a design flaw.

  2. It does. Try it yourself.

  3. Perhaps or perhaps not. But I can’t imagine I’m the only person to ask for such a thing. In fact it could be a major boon to all if done right.

  4. Me neither, but still very useful.

  5. No it’s not. The client immediately knows about any queued actions, no reason the client cannot notify me my action has been queued immediately, before doing the “actual work”.

  6. I don’t get why industry works like that either. Just search my hanger and all containers within - job done.

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