You should be able to right click item hanger to create and name a new hanger tab… this needs to happen CCP. Its a real problem having to sort though hundreds of items again just to be able to sell them. NOT OK. Fix this. its an outdated system. you gave us Ship hanger. but ships are a very very small portion of a seasoned players vast inventory. we need custom inventory tabs.

Station containers do not help with this problem because you cannot sell from them. You are still stuck compiling everything together and having to go though everything again to select what you want to sell.
IF ANYTHING, make it so you can SELL DIRECTLY FROM STATION CONTAINERS. This should have been done a long time ago. shame on you CCP… all you can give us is RED DOT inventory notifications nobody asked for.

For what? to show only items you want to see? Based on what criterias?

There are many reasons this should be done. As stated above…

for example, bringing a ton of items to Jita to sell. I dont want those items to go in the item hanger. I already picked out what i wanted to sell. Need another item tab to put them in so i can sell from there.

  • dock in jita
  • drag everything from item hangar into your “not to sell” station container
  • drag everything from ship into item hangar
  • sell everything except your station containers*
  • wipe hands on pants

* use a “not container” filter if you find this step too difficult

good idea, but people shouldnt have to do that. the game should just get it right.

Can’t complain about better inventory, sure why not.


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