CCP- Please let us drag station containers to the items/ships bar and make a tab for station containers!

Topic title says it all.

Give station containers the option to make them a TAB on the same bar as ships and items.

And remove them from items list. (as in no station container icon in items)

Each station container has its own tab that can be renamed according to the station container name.

A new option on the station containers to define which type of items will be stored in there when using a new feature called AUTO SORT from the items tab.

A new AUTO SORT in items tab that will move items from ITEMS to the proper station containers automatically.

Definitions for station containers auto sort (dont have to choose all):

  • est value of items
  • type
  • slot/rigs
  • skins
  • size (small/medium/large/capital)



You wouldn’t need this if you gave me all your stuff.

Alternatively allow us to sort station containers in each hanger. This sorting order can be saved locally and not on the server.

While at it, allow us to ad color to the container text and ad “additional text” to them.

Also, let us put up contracts and sell items that are inside containers we own. (im guessing this one has been brought up before and it cant be done for some reason.)

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