Like to address the item section in the station inventory section

In the market we have sub headings to find things or items within the market but under the station items area we don’t and I would like to be able to create sub headings within items so I don’t have to use station or freight containers to separate my entire possessions.
ie… Like ammunition blue print originals I would like to categorise them and separate them into size.
I think upto 3 sub headings to one category would be enough and would make the game play quicker for when I need to find things within inventory.

I don’t think this request is something too difficult in any upcoming update and like myself I think many other users or players would likely benefit from this option too.

If we could can we pass my idea along and maybe have in progress soon

Get station containers or warehouse containers or any kind of container that meets your needs. So there is way to do that in the game already. Once you build the container just name the container what every you want in it.

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^^^^What he said.

There’s little chance they’re going to take the time to code something that already has a pretty easy workaround - everybody uses station containers to sort their inventory. Not sure why you don’t want to do that.

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Guys I appreciate that the containers are available I do actually use them for this reason.
Im not asking for my request to be straight away but as an after thought for any update they may bring out.
As this already exists within the market I don’t see why not why we can’t have the same for our inventory.
Are you guys actually telling me who have commented that my request is unreasonable as I have only suggested this and not demanded a timeline or anything of the sort.
I simply think it would make inventory much easier to handle.

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