Is there a way to organize/catorgorize my inventory?

I am doing missions and I usually stack lots of staff and haul them to sell once a week. The problem is, some things in my inventory are not intended for sale (expensive implant, fit module prepared), however, I can’t find a way to properly separate them from the missions loots for sale. I have to remember them and un-select them each time I move cargo to my hauler.
Is there a way to label/separate them?

Use different NPC locations.

Use (station) containers


Thank you! Exactly what I needed.

You can also refine the mods, and the ones with exclamation points you keep, and refine all others into minerals and use a second station container

in addition to using station cans for subdividing, you can also sort by TYPE so that related items are all together

Yes, you can use station containers or other containers.

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