Option For Custom Inventory Tab/Groups

So pretty straight forward, I suggest we have the ability to create extra group or tabs for specific items and not just one item bar for everything, so seperate materials, hard points into its own etc. If anyone understand what i mean

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This is exactly what filters and station containers were made for.

A lot of people prefer station containers for their ease of use. I like filters as they are set and forget no matter what inventory you’re looking in and then will combine that with containers in select stations like jita to act as a further filter or to keep personal items separate from items meant for others.

Filters are useful for sure but imagine having multiple (more than two) separate custom inventory windows with different filters that you can drag out to space that only shows you the items you need to see cough DRUGSnBOOSTERS cough

I know what you’re saying though, the containers are useful and some of them even let you get a bit of extra space right?

Still, I would certainly like to have one window for cap boosters, one window for pilot consumables, and maybe even another small one to keep an eye on ammo, all simultaneously and without having to purchase another set of items each time I fit a ship.

OP, you could maybe ask a moderator to move this thread to the suggestions area for you.

I’m a new player, i have no idea how to ask a moderator nor how to get containers

type @ISD then choose any or all the ones you want to hear your request

They are on the market. Best idea is to make your own via a blue print in your homestation as punks like me tend to sell them for way more than a rational price half the time.

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