Please stop punishing players with lots of alts with these clickfest container "rewards"

If I have through watever means managed to collect 30 containers as a so-called “reward” I don’t want to experience torture of clicking on each container to open, clicking each node to open the four nodes that appear in random spots, and clicking on continue; all the time while between each click I have to wait for an animation to conclude.

The “reward” must be a “rewarding” experience, not tedious carpal punishment. Please allow to skip the animation and do a quick open of these containers!

Many thanks in advance


This would be more appropriately located under Player Features & Ideas, or in the Little things / Small QoL suggestions thread (in appropriate format for that thread).

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I agree the loot crates are a pain but they have little value and, if not redeemed will disappear on their own. The current crates don’t need to be opened - you can put them on the market as is. Best to do it soon since the boosters expire on December 8!

Thanks for your reply but I disagree with 2 of your 3 points:

1: Actually the contents of some of these crates can be as much as a hundred million, for example the Praxis ship and SKIN crate from last year.
2: The crates also do not disappear on their own, I have some from 5 years ago.

CCP is inconsistent with these crates as some can be traded on the market but others can’t, some can be traded on contract and others can’t. Maybe the current ones can be traded but there is a larger problem.

CCP put a lot of effort into that crate opening animation. There is no way they are going to scrap it - or allow you to evade it somehow.

They probably do it that way for psychological reasons. They make them look like presents, and then draw out the act of opening them. I wouldn’t be surprise if such design decisions had been focused grouped (if not by CCP, then other game devs), and found to result in a more satisfying experience.

Oh, and, “I’m getting too much free stuff; make it easier for me to open them all,” is probably not something that will garner a lot of sympathy from the community. :slight_smile:

You could be like the guy with trillions of isk worth of unopened Project Discovery skins - trying to sell them without opening them all first.

I expect that “the community” and CCP appreciate me supporting this horrible 17 year old game with my many alts. You seem to think the community believes I deserve to be punished for supporting the game. I can only hope CCP is more reasonable and appreciates my business.

You should ask them about the red dot.


CCP wants you to buy PLEX not alts

You wants all the goodies, you needs to do all the clickies, ok ? :rofl:
Some threads are amazing.


i use google translator.

Let’s first define that this is stupid. The animation shows that each player gets some kind of special, maybe not the same container. While he is exactly the same as everyone else. Everyone is given the same gifts. Then why is it opening containers. Then, I seriously believe that most of this garbage is unnecessary. Including crumbs of skill points. I’d better get into the game faster. This rubbish humiliates players every day. Praxis is given once a year, and to be honest, not everyone needs it. And the money that can be bailed out for it is not very big. And these skins are basically never needed. And blueprints that are not needed if there is even a drop of brains, the most severe humiliation of players. So you should just throw these handouts away and never open the handout window.

“Daily challenge: fly to Amarr, get 500 skillpoints.”

Daily challenge - find yet another way to complain about being given free stuff…

I feel that I must click those claim boxes and sometimes I am not even at my computer and though the thought is at the back of my mind that I must click those claim boxes.

Now imagine having to go through every container in your station hangar, at least a few times per session, on every toon, because for some reason a nasty :red_circle: showed up on your inventory all of a sudden and NOT receive any free skill points, or skins, or boosters. Now THAT is a punishing clickfest without “rewards”.


Is there a way to sort items that currently hold a inside the hanger?

Not that I know of. Maybe the same dev can come up with a :question: icon to help find the :red_circle:, corner it, and squish it.

In other words, unironically, the :red_circle: was designed to “help” newbros to find new items in their inventory. Now we need help to locate the :red_circle:

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30? I have more than 1000 I haven’t bothered opening as it is so tedious. I still hoard them waiting for the patch with the ‘loot all’ function

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