Why do players use cyrillic alphabet?

Could you say that again in English please?

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Tip of my toe - block all of them.

Yes Im the scarecrow.

But tbh only cyrillic alphabet is used commonly, and I guess thats only due to new cyrillic alphabet players…

Keep it simple guys. And remeber voice chat is free for all.

How about you make it a suggestion in Features & Ideas or even the Little Things thread, asking for an option to hide non-english characters. This is the best you can hope to achieve.

Have they heard of personal conversations or eve mail?

Heya, could you provide me with a link? - Im kinda new to this forums, just had this idea on my mind…

Features & Ideas

Follow the format as described by CCP Karkur.

If 2 people are sitting in the same room as me speaking to each other in a different language, I’m not going to ask the to leave the room because I can’t understand them.
I’m not gonna be that person that stands up and yells “you need to speak American!!!”


Он думает, что мы говорим о нем за его спиной.

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CBA reading this train wreck. If nobody suggested it Google translate is an amazing tool.

General courtesy. If you go to their home systems and wish to communicate you post in their language. NPC channel’s should be in English IF they are talking to you. Best of luck with your bigotry

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Actually here in Australia that would be quite rude if both are capable of fluent English. Unless it was a lunch room or some such and they had their own table

But they all are the same as in they use methods different than Latin alphabetic.

Of course they have differences between each other like Japanese Chinese and Korean being pictographic languages not alphabetic, or Korean using a completely different way to build pictograms by using up to four blocks instead of adding elements to a single block.

But in terms of being unlike our alphabet and nigh impossible to read without learning… they’re all the same.

Yeah, I should have clarified that I meant being in a public place.
I can’t assume that the people at the table next to me are fluent in English, so I would never ask them to leave.

well since the chat system is on an Amazon Cloud server would it really be that hard now to install an auto-translate feature into the game?

  • Your repley is exactly making my point. - What are soing, what do you mean?

…Being on google translate I find that you are saying “He thinks that we are talking about him behind his back” - and yup, that coudlnt be more exact of the point Im trying to make.

There is another side of this all as well, but lets stick to new player experience here and that comment or any comment would be devasting. (ok, maybe not devasting, but at least wtf is going on in this game)

And peeps, cyrillic alphabet users, I mean, what you have to loose? - Your “secret” behavior by typing something in local and having some dude replying in cyrillic to you? Satifactory? Uh la la. Just be humans. Just interact with other whom you would like to interact act and say your praise. Its not that difficult. And being special by using the cyrillic aplhabet? - Well, do it in own corp or private chat, - and if thats to difficult for ccp then learn to LIVE with voice chat.

Hmm an auto translate for ALL languages, yep that would solve the problem. BUT are we there yet?

There is no ‘secret behaviour’, just people talking in another language, and your paranoia. This is your personal problem. Nobody cares about your personal problems.


Being able to use (possibly) the only language they know? Being able to use the only alphabet that they know? I think that is pretty major loss…

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Are you one of those poor folkes?

Because honestly I dont think there exist anyone whos not able to type english letters…

Wow. I cannot believe I read all that drivel by the OP. Ya know what I think. OP either learn the language or use Google or stfu. Because this board is rated teen I cant say how I feel.

You realize of course you are in their corp right. I’m sure if the evil ruskies wish you to know what they are saying they will use Google translate and post it in Bigot for you

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