Why do players use cyrillic alphabet?


Russians use the Cyrillic alphabet. It’s not any different from the Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages etc.

As to what they are saying, I cannot tell you, you can try copy the chat text into http://translate.google.com and see if you can get an idea.


Low effort

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You need to be more careful with such phrases. It’s like you’re trying to say that these different languages are in fact one and the same language.

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Not saying the languages are one in the same, just that they all use special character/symbols. Russian language does have more similarities with English than what the other languages have that I mentioned.


I was guessing you perhaps meant to say “it’s all Greek to you” or rather “it’s all Cyrillic”. :wink:



You really think for the good of all human beeings people have to speak english and english only?

Wow that’s kinda snooty and self-esteem…

English and english speaking people are not the centre of the world you know…

Why do YOU not learn russian?
Or chinese?

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  1. I can read latin and cyrillic without problem. But once I travel to Izrael and I still remember that shock. Being totaly unable to read, pronounce … that ugly feeling being totaly lost. So I can understand OP’s feeling.
  2. Believe me - in 90 % of cases being unable to understand what they are writing in chat is a huge plus.

That’s not the point…

He/She DEMANDS to BLOCK “those ugly letters” and this is -by any means- way too far and the words “snotty” and “self-esteem” are the most harmless that came into my mind as i read this…

Seems like he/she lives in a strange world where only the own people count and is unable too accept that more people speak chinese than english…

That’s sad by any means but no surprise knowing that some americans even don’t know where australia is and that it is a continent …

THIS is the niveau of the OP’s post…

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Im not speaking on behalf of the human race here or what is right or not irl…

My opinion is only regarding our game, and that its features should be conformed to 1 understandable language - english.

My thoughts go out to disable all foreign characters in all common chats.


Just no…

You have no - not a slight- right to demand this…

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Remember the Klingon Empire became a valued ally of the Federation

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Interesting option would be add special setting to chat. If player desire so - he can make chat replace cyrilic with their latin ekvivalent. Believe me - russians are able to read russian words, written in latin characters. Since ages. So they are able to communicate even if they do not have keyboard with cyrilic letters on it. So there is already workable simple algorithms for that. Default would be “turned off” but player can turn it on in game settings.

This is so low effort I’m actually struggling to make fun of it.

Actually that’ll do.

Edit : on an related note, Cyrillic calligraphy is absolutely stunning.
Let’s discuss that instead.


These are all different languages. Also use different writing systems.

They’re all the same in their distinction of their own set of characters.
C’mon this is an easy one

so what…?

They have to be forced to write in english?

again… english is far from beeing the centre of the world…

What is your argument?
“I don’t like this so no one has to do it”?

i see…

How could they DARE to use their own language in YOUR game?


I feel pity for people like you that centre their world just around their neighborhood…the world is so much bigger…

Saying that all is the same because is different is very paradoxical. Lets just say they are all different.


To that same degree.
The difference is what we’re quantifying here.i.e. they’re as distinct from Latin base as each other

OMG you are so salty you can not read…
You see "На Жите ганг гоонов " in local chat. 0 idea untill you use google translator for it. Imagine you can turn option to see “Na Jite gang goonov”. Same wrds. But you see ‘Jita’, you see ‘gang’ and if you are good you can even understand, that it is goon’s whose gang it is.

It is not about russians forced to use letters, that are understanded by most of game players. It is about possibility to make communication better.