Why do players use cyrillic alphabet?

If we compare chinese to japanese and korean, and russian, they are all distinct in their method of treating writing language. Oh, they are all distinct, not the same. :sunglasses:

This is a joke, right?

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A troll and a fairly low effort one too

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CCP should put that universal translator from lore into game chat, this will improve things a lot. Also it should translate from english to understandable english.

Yes every player in eve online will be FORCED to type with English letters.

(only in common chats if my idea can gets implemented)


If only it could force people to think before posting… in the meantime we have to read this ■■■■.

We used to kill players over this, may need to start doing so again


This has got to be a troll surely.

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There is no NEED for that…simple as it is…

Everyone has the RIGHT to write in his own language may it be cyrillic,chinese or even klingon…

That’s the bottom line you don’t understand.

This is not about “understnding each other”,it’s about "keep those ugly letters away from me,i don’t like them…

THAT’S the problem you don’t want to see…

And my suggestion is not against it. It is not about how people write, it is about how people read. Russians still can write in cyrilic but I want other players to be able to see their cyrilic letters replaced by latin equivalent.

Its a noob thing.

Simply, people find it really really weird when they log into the game 1st time and look in chat and see someone writing in cyrillic… - They get spooked, woundered, etc… - Simply by the fact, thats everything is new to them and on top of that they didnt understand the cyrillic language…

  • Put your self in that place…

which they will not understand too because its still russian and not english…this totally makes no sense at all…

Thats is wrong, because of reasons already described by other players in that very thread. But you can try to convince CCP to give YOU ability to see everything in readable latin, since your level of social intellegence does not support any other char set.

No it’s a you thing.


Exactly for those, who fail to understand, that large portion of russian EVE slang are english words, written in cyrillic, I made a valid example in one of my posts … Feel free to read it again.

ты ужасный тролль

Honestly, there are no such reason you speak of which are of any “importance”.

Im not trying to dank down the cyrillic alphabet here by any personal means, i mean what would they be? Im just trying to make this game user friendly to everyone.

still totally senseless…the only reason given by the op ist “i find the letters ugly so begone with them”…so he (personally) is annoyed by them…

this person has no RIGHT to demand this and no other one has…

And to this a clear : NO

“you are a terrible troll” - yes i used google translate for this one, - but should every new player be forced to do that?