Why do players use cyrillic alphabet?

Why not?

What’s the problem?

Yeah, sad that there are even answers other than :fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::blowfish::tropical_fish:

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It does make sense to me. I mean, my suggestion.

I am absolutely agree with you about OP attempt to demand gramatical genocide.

Hey, look, it’s Cyrillic alphabet soup:



It’s just like Donald T. would state “i cannot break the law,i am the law”…:slight_smile:

The OP would state “i write english so i rule over all others”… :slight_smile:

Dont quite understand you reference there…

But I do understand what Im asking for.

How about putting yourself in the position of a new Russian/Korean/Indian/Greek… who wonders why they have to use the Latin alphabet to communicate.
(what I really want to say is not for these forums but it’s along the line of what Blackadder says to Baldrick)


For those people english is “the ugly foreign language”.

Why treat them different just because YOU are english speaker…

Languages are not ugly.


I get you are somehow angry?

But I dont understand quite how you can be? - Please explain, what this change would take away from you?

Also, you know, those greeks or other kind of people you try to disgrace by not knowing the english lanuguage, - i will defend and put it out right here, - that they do KNOW how to type in english and use those kinky english letters to communicate from player to player.

  • As I just put it, - those players are NOT stupid and well aware that online games in our world and time are scarce, and do they want to join one, - admittedly they will have to communicate in a language preferred in our world - english.

In many cases, there is no ‘Latin’ equivalent. For example, ‘cabbage soup’ is literally two letters, щи. A rough English translation is ‘shchi’ but if someone wrote it like that, you’d have no better understanding of what they said than if they used ‘щи’. I suggest you just get used to the fact that people speak other languages. This might come as a shock to you, but they’re allowed to.

Before commenting on anyone else’s linguistic indulgences, you really should make sure your own English is up to snuff. It’s really kinda bad.

I can understand 4 european languages spoken and written. Including russian. So save you suggestions for yourself and learn to read entire conversation before giving ‘intelegent’ advices.
And if some russian speaking ignorant will try to force non-russian speaking player to talk about щи in russian, that is his problem. My suggestion was to help communicate about EVE related topics.

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I know an English two-letter word to spell “cabbage soup”:



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Stand corrected. As I said - I can understand, not write :wink:

You should seek professional help.

Just summing up for new arrivals.


Carry on.


Then perhaps you shouldn’t say incredibly stupid things that deserve mockery, such as…

Can the game designers block these ugly letters?


If they dont have money to buy real keyboards…

They are real keyboards. They’re just made for people who use a different alphabet.

I’m pretty sure, now that I’ve actually read it, that your OP is either a big troll, or you are incredibly narrow minded. Maybe it’s a bit of both, mixed with a little bigotry and stupidity, I don’t know, but your post is bad and you should feel bad.

Languages with latin alphabets can be very hard to understand and read too.

Try this: liść na drzewie potargał wiatr. :wink:

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