Localization of in game links on other clients

Would it be possible to add localization to the in game links (systems, kms, fits and so on) so that the link is displayed in the language of the client showing it instead of the originating client. This would especially help with Chinese, Korean and Russian as they don’t use Latin alphabet.

It should not be a huge add-on as the client can already be done to trigger warning/sound on specific phrases so this would be just a small addition to make communication between different language groups easier.

:red_circle: That would be the wet dream. Especially since CCP increased the number of non-latin letter localizations, it has become quite straining looking at links of ingame entities.c

Well, I’m thinking that would be a rather large task. Like, they probably manually translated everything in the game itself (which probably required no small effort on it’s own), while things people type would have to be translated with an automatic system (like google translate). However, abbreviations, esoteric vocabulary, and other slang would likely make designing such a system a monumental task.

No no. I’m not asking for automatic translation of what people write. Just the EVE links (killmail information, things like destination, ship type, module and so on). Yellow links that you get by dragging things into the chat window. Translations already exist as a part of the localization work so the only thing CCP would need to do is have the clients look up the version fitting the client language for that exact string.

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Oh, okay. Yeah, that would probably be a lot easier to do, and would be nice.

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