Aura Translate

there are free LLM AI’s which can be downloaded, run locally which don’t require micro payments to OpenAI
maybe something like this can be integrated into Aura in game, who can translate text of other languages into the users chosen language, it might be via text but it would mean a lot of players can simply communicate more.

lowering the language barriers between the different communities within eve, figured it’ll be cool.

You can already translate text via one of the many free LLM AI translators available online to communicate with others in the game.

I mean, even before all the LLM hype online translation tools were decent enough to paste local chat into the translator in order to see what others were saying about me.

true, but this would mean alt and tabbing out of the game and slowing the natural flow of conversation, if a free tool such as this can be directly implemented, i don’t see it doing any harm when it comes to text based relations and only increase social connectivity in my mind, this could over time help make a huge difference to the politics within the game and where the boarders are on the map.

I figured for a game that relies on social connections and politics, making the gap of these barriers smaller would be beneficial to all. not just as a community but for CCP in general, the whole process would be automated. effectively making EVE Online (as far as i’m aware) the first MMO to implement a translation system… this might also help recruitment numbers and player retention.

Look, we understand that you likely mean well. But you really need to stop with the third party code integration suggestions. CCP breaks the server enough implementing their own content.


the proposal I suggested was nothing to do with API integration.
there are free tools out there you can download and run locally.
if something like this was directly implemented into the game without the need for API from open AI, you’d have an automated translation system build into the game.
allowing for a natural flow of conversation via text between players of all languages.

if its too complex to run for all players at once then perhaps put something in place via the game code we download, with an opt in method via settings.

something which uses your local hardware to translate the text in real time i wouldn’t feel right running something 3rd party for this over EVE it wouldn’t be right.

there’s several youtube tutorials about using a free non API using LLM which can be run both locally and offline.

in my mind, it would be better to see something like this put directly into the game to convenience all players then attempting to half bake something.

This is the point I was referring to, where you need to stop.

The fact that you do not seem to understand why this is a problem is why you need to stop making these suggestions.

you know, someone like myself may not have the knowledge you have, and that’s okay.

however instead of just scolding them and telling them its a bad idea is not “constructive criticism”

constructive criticism is suppose to encourage positive dialogue between users on a subject where the flaws of an idea are politely pointed out, discussed & explained and then ideally replaced with newer ideas which could be better suited towards the desired out come.

even if this does occur, there is always the possibility that the idea won’t be used regardless of positive player response.

you have the opportunity to do something positive and politely explain to the people you approach why you dislike this is a bad idea and share your knowledge with them.

I’m free to make as many suggestions as i please, if you don’t like my posts, you’re free to ignore / block me.


just because I fail to understand why this is allegedly a problem especially when no explanation is provided (based off of the context of your response i assume its solely to do with the games hardware & coding).

This doesn’t change the fact that working to break through the language barrier, which isolates players from one another, is a positive community-building idea.



Again, I ignored all the pointless, long winded babble, because I have already explained to you the circumstances surrounding this. I’ve done it twice on other suggestions you’ve made. You’ve dismissed and ignored me each time.

Maybe you should listen when people tell you things instead of plowing on like you know everything, then maybe you’d get a better response.

Once again, three words: Giant. Spaghetti. Monster.


Am I speaking a foreign language here, or something?

You had constructive criticism. You’re ignoring it and continuing on regardless of the criticism telling you the path isn’t one that you need to tread. Now you’re getting mad your idea isn’t well received, because it’s just going to break things. Obviously it’s my fault your idea isn’t the most glorious idea to have ever been suggested.

I’ve been on these forums for a very, very long time. You, your ideas, and your responses are nothing new to me. Also, anyone who was here for the wonderous in-game browser will simply laugh at you for thinking that adding third party code to EvE will work in the end.

ah yes, I do remember the in game browser, but there was substantially more reasons why that was an issue then something which has a broad capability

It seems we have a fundamental difference in how we approach these discussions. My goal is not to insist that my ideas are flawless, but to brainstorm and explore potential improvements that could benefit different playstyles in EVE.

I understand your concerns about the technical and balance challenges my suggestion might introduce. If the path I’ve suggested isn’t viable, I’d love to hear your ideas on how solo mining could be improved without causing technical issues or disrupting balance.

I’d like to address the tone of our conversation. It’s important for us to communicate respectfully and constructively, even when we disagree. While I understand you may feel frustrated, dismissive or hostile remarks can discourage open dialogue and collaboration.

its the goal of the forums to foster good communication around ideas and features for the game.
I may have my own short comings but it is unnecessary to seek me out and vent hostility because I am simply posting

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of things are NOT in the actual game and why ccp made the decision to have 3rd party devs and allow so many apps or whatever to access the data. Ccp doesnt want the game bloated down. Sure language barrier isnt bloat, but theres plenty of options outside of the game. Not everything has to be stuffed into an old raggedy game like eve

As I’ve stated before, CCP can’t even implement their own code without breaking things. The new skin system implementation broke about 8 different systems the other day, and caused people to be unable to log in. That’s their code, not trying to integrate something far more complex, like an translation AI. It doesn’t matter how much you “brainstorm and explore potential improvements” to the details of an idea that is fundamentally bad at the core.

What you see as some glorious idea, those of us who have been here see as nothing but a potential buggy mess for little to no return. Few people in EvE participate in regular activities with people they don’t share a spoken language with. In EvE, anything you find publicly posted in a language you don’t read is an ad, scam, or insult.


Shoot they couldnt even change the drones without something breaking

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I’ve been playing since 2005, minus a 6 year break, and I can’t remember one single feature release that didn’t break something.

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Pointing out flaws and shortcomings of an idea also is constructive feedback. :wink:

that’s debate able, but sure i’ll give you that one.

however other users on this post have not done that. (Granted, you have, however i wanted to discuss the initial concept)

other uses have:

  • clearly misunderstood then concept, even when explained to them
  • made false assumptions about this post
  • told me to stop and continued to pursue me on other threads on the forum

there has just been clearly targeted hatred across several of my posts.

I don’t claim to know everything

I just posted my idea up because i thought it would be a good idea and a cool feature for players to have built into the game to lower the language barrier between players.

hostile users serve no purpose here, it costs nothing to have good manners.
if there is clearly a knowledge gap missing from someones forum post, doesn’t mean the concept doesn’t have merit, it means the user lacks knowledge, take the time to help them understand.

don’t target them across several threads just because they’re posting again :+1:
it only enforces the level of toxic players this community has a reputation for.

a reputation, to my mind, CCP has been working diligently to over come.

Closed as per OP’s request.