Triglavian Lanquage Support

Could we get support for the Triglavian alphabet in game? I would really like to name triangle ships that go to triangle space in triangles.

While they are at it, when can we get access to the Drifter (Autothysian Lancers) ships?

The font is in the client, i’ve seen people use the trig icon in their ship names, its probably just trying to figure out what alt codes to use i guess or finding an instance you can copy and paste

Most likely it was an Asian hieroglyph, and most likely I understood what character you are talking about

I’ve looked everywhere it seems it’s only used for system names It may be possible to reverse engineer the alphabet by grabbing characters from all the systems in poch and comparing it to a out of game legend. I’ll have to test if its even possible to copy and paste those characters next time im in the thunderdome.

If anyone knows how this is possible please let me know!


Could always just install the actual font aswell



I though Triglavians use sine language to get around that.

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Help is at hand…


That is both hilarious and impressive

@Cypherous yep i already have but its a direct substitution for English. great for projects but you can’t paste it into the game.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you for the link but again that’s out of game :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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