Using EVE Ship Symbols in text, names, etc

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Is there a way to use the EVE ship symbols in text, like a special code to insert them or anything like that? I’m a bit OCD about naming my ships and I have a ton of them listed out. So far I’ve been using little ASCII symbols next to the name to quickly identify the size of the ship but I would much prefer if I could just plug-in the standard frigate triangle, etc. for quick identification and comfortable organization. This could also help in teaching newbros who may not be able to quickly identify ship types right off the bat.

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If you mean, hit your d scan and wait for a result and then highlight the result and copy paste into name of your chip or character… then you can get the lil symbols they have that way.

Hmm well I tried this, I can select a single line of my D-Scan, say with a battlecruiser listed, and hit Ctrl + C to copy, when I paste it gives me a number in place of the actual symbol… which I guess is the code for that symbol, have you had any success doing this?

⌂ ˆ ^ Sorry I don’t know many.

sorry, you just gonna have to go warp around and get them on your d scan as you see them or open overview settings and make sure all is selected, then see what you can get that way?

Those icons are not “text”. Finding text equivalents like “⌂” is coincidence/approximation only, as the icons are designed by CCP for use in Eve, and not part of any public text standard. Even if you did find them, you would then face the issue of “are they supported by the proprietary, limited in-game font Eve uses?”

That said, if you still want to figure it out, you could maybe find some of them under Unicode character categories like these:

While I realize they aren’t “text” as you say there are instances when game symbols appear within text-fitting areas. For example, when you list items out in your inventory, if it’s a faction, t2, or otherwise special item the first part is the symbol that represents it.

I’m simply curious is if there is a mechanic or command, like typing {shipsymbol=1234} or something that could insert the standard ship class symbol into text area. If no one has heard of this maybe I can add it to the suggestions? Certainly it could come in handy not only for my obsessive organizational quirks but for dispensing information out about the symbols themselves?

@Scipio_Artelius A 3rd party font is cool, but it only helps outside of Eve. OP seems to want this stuff within Eve itself.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to. A “150mm Light Autocannon I”, “Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender”, and “Core A-Type 100MN Afterburner” all have the same boring text. The more special ones do have a symbol attached to their icon, but that is, as mentioned, not text, but image. The same applies to ships. The only time I can think of where there is an actual marking within the text is the new roaming NPCs, which have their names prefixed with an ASCII diamond (:diamonds:).

I have not heard of such a thing, but it may exist. If it doesn’t, it could be worth posting the idea in the F&I forum section. You’d have my +1!

Thank you, I’ve done just that. Head to this post to offer your support for the idea.

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