Ability to insert common EVE symbols into text

Hello everyone,

Per another players advice on a previous thread , I’d like to suggest having the ability to add in EVE ship class symbols into text, maybe with a code or side button in the chat window. This feature could possibly include other symbols that the game uses, like the T2, faction, and abyssal triangle symbols that are next to the name in your inventory when the items are displayed in “list” mode.

This feature could allow ISD volunteers, corporation recruiters, and newbie trainers to explain the symbols without referring the players to websites where the images are displayed.

Would this feature be reasonable, feasible, and worth implementing?

Thank you in advance.


Would be nice if they could let people link “frigate” icon rather than ok, now we’re going to show you what an Atron looks like in the overview so when you are asked you can quickly identify what is a frigate… where’s our Atron pilot? Great… he’s not here…"

A good idea. Helps with better in-game communication (through chat, eve-mail, corp bulletins, etc). For out of game comms, an official font that supports those icons – or inclusion of the icons in the Eve SDE – would also be great.

It’s not that we (ISD) can’t explain it when in (Rookie) Help Chat or other similar places, it’s just that it can take a bit of time to write out an answer, and thus to save time and to answer questions faster we often accompany a reply with a link where Newbies and other people can get a more in-depths explanation for the question asked :blush:

like EVEUni’s Wikipedia site which has a wealth of information

Oh for sure, I’m not saying you can’t explain it, but having access to the symbols in chat could prove useful for certain situations, no? For instance, a players asks “How can I tell if a module is tech 2?” an ISD or another player could respond with “You will see this badge ::tech2:: on the corner of the icon”

I can imagine cases where a newbie asks “what do the symbols mean on the overview?” and you can list a few examples in chat while also linking them to the full resource. I’d imagine you’d want this as a quick copy paste like “::frigate:: - Frigates, ::destroyer:: - Destroyers ::cruiser:: - Cruisers, ::stationsymbol:: - Stations, ::warpgate:: - Jump Gates, here’s a link to the full resource” etc…

In truth this stems from a desire to put the symbols in the name of my ship so I can quickly identify the class of the ships in my hangar list without having to add my own ascii code scheme which is what I’m doing now. So I’m trying to think up other ways that this could be useful apart from that.

Honestly, in cases where pictures are required, most of the time I’d say that a reference to a website is the better choice; yes for very specific one-off queries a picture would work, but in the case of your overview example, a website can make a MUCH cleaner reference… and since you’re already copying and pasting, why reinvent the wheel?

In the case of your T2 example, you need only tell the player to look for either the “II” in the name, or if they’re comparing modules they can also look for meta 5. The example does become much more suited for something like faction/deadspace/officer however, where the names get kind of ■■■■■■ up, but then you just tell them to look at the colour of the icon.

Yes, visual examples of what an officer mod is will help, but providing a website reference with all of them side by side will help more. IMO.

I’m not against it, as long as you keep them out of local. There’s enough noise there already.

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