Highlighted buddy messages in text channels

so i’m lurking about in the eve university channel in game where I have added a few people to my contacts list and i have also been added to some of theirs and when a text channel reaches a certain size it becomes easy to miss players whom you have added, or perhaps you scroll through the list they’re not online but join later, or perhaps you’re not looking at that particular channel at the time and they have logged in first.

so while i’m sitting here watching people type, the list of names on the right will have certain aspects to them, they’ll show as green if you’re both added to buddy / watch list, both will have personal standings and such however, in the main text chat which has the character’s names and time stamps, there is no indication of your standings with that person.
I was just thinking, instead of it being on just the one side of the channel could we get a small standings icon with the name in game chat?

this way if we see one of our buddies talking in game (say you have just logged in and not scrolled through player lists yet) you would be able to see more directly that they’re talking and thus you would be more likely to get involved.

just a thought was all, I figured it would be good to see when the chat is going your buddies messages are simply high lighted so you can visually pick them out easier, i for one know that if i see my buddies online and talking i’m more likely to jump in, if i’m more liklely to jump in i’m likely to then further undock and do something, maybe even fleet up, this could also be massively benefical to the NPE because it is my understanding that finding awesome people and being involved in a group is key to people remaining in game, it can also be used for corp, alliance and coalition mates to recognise each other in 3rd party public channels in game.

Yeah, I think it would be nice to have some better chat options. But, at this point, I would settle for consistently works.

damn, I hate to say it, but this genuinely made me laugh out loud.

in regards to making it work better, I don’t really know about any of that, however, saying that as an after thought, perhaps shutting down local could help with TiDi but thats off topic from my origonal point, could be interesting though.

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