Chat player list filters and sorting options

Would love to see a chat feature where you can sort or filter the player list by the following:

  • name
  • age
  • standing
  • search (similarly to how the search function works in the market)
  • alliance/corp

It would make using the chat much more useful for me. For example, i could filter by standings and see who is in local that i should say hi or avoid without having to scroll a lot (especially in trade hubs, or large fleets).

The age thing is more so because i stay in rookie/help chat a lot and it would be easier to see who is a new player.

Anyone else has any filers or sorting options they would like to see added to chat?

Age wouldnt really say a “new player”. It could be a fresh alt.

true, but it’s just one example. it’s one of the least important options i listed there. still it could be useful in some situations.

i don’t think that chat filters would be a very hard thing to implement, and it’s one of those things that could be a really good quality of life improvement.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Imagine a chat where you’re talking to help <30 day newbies, a 31 day old newbie is asking you some question in response to your previous answer. You don’t see his question, because you filtered it out. Another player is asking you if you have that newbie on your ignore list since you’re not answering, but you don’t see his comments, because he’s also too old for you to see his questions. Additionally, that <30 day newbie whose questions you are trying to answer does not see your answers because you happen to be in an alliance that has a reputation for killing other players so you’ve been filtered out for them and your answers aren’t arriving either. Meanwhile, three guys from another alliance are talking through everyhing because with their own filters they can now use the chat as their own private friends chat.

No, if you want more control over who you’re chatting to, make a new chat. Want to help that newbie one on one? Send him a personal message.

Apart from blacklists to ignore specific names, I’m afraid filters only make the usability of general chat channels worse for most players, not better.

The main benefit I can see from chat filters is that it allows ratters to dock up more easily when the wrong name appears in local, because with filters they don’t even need to pay attention to what kind of name appears. And to be honest, I don’t think this kind of gameplay needs a buff.


Lol i can’t

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i think you misunderstood. i’m not talking about message filtering, just the player list so you can manage chats with lots of people (alliance chat, corp chat, fleet chat, local chat, etc)

If there are 500 people in a chat, i would like to quickly find someone without scrolling like crazy and hoping i don’t miss a name.

There is absolutely no demerit to list sorting or filtering.

Message filtering is a very different thing and needs much more consideration. At most i think a search function would be enough so you can quickly find a message that scrolled too far because people are talking a lot in chat.

Ah, then I misunderstood indeed.

But for finding a name in a long list, doesn’t it already help that the list is alphabetical? It’s hard to miss someone you’re looking for while scrolling if you know their name.

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It’s all about making things easier and faster (an quality of life update). It’s not just about a particular name.

For example, sorting by standing could help find friends in your current chat or enemies (not just in local chat). You can also find corpmates.

Or search for every player that has a certain combination of characters (something you can’t do with just alphabetic sorting). If you don’t remember the full name then doing a partial search is very powerful. In my case you could just search Puiu if you forgot that i had an C in front.

Filters and sorting options have many use cases.

Just about everything you have listed as a merit is a demerit.

Information gathering in this way is far from simply a qol and isn’t in need of a buff

“information gathering is bad” - Why don’t we just turn off chat… oh wait.

Let’s be real here, such information can and will be gathered by who really wants it. This is just to make things easier to navigate large lists of players, there are absolutely no demerits to this.

I have no idea why you are so against this (especially since you refuse to explain and just say no). Why are you even using words like “buff”? it’s just a quality of life update that will help you and everybody else not waste time scrolling endlessly in 1000 man lists.

Are you afraid that people will find your name in chat faster? is that it? O_o

Instead of giving constructive criticism, you just came here throwing troll posts. If that’s what you want to do, then i suggest trying reddit.

And are activity working for it.

… because it’s a buff just sticking a QOL sticker on doesn’t change that.

Yup, pretty sure the term buff covers that.

Ooh would you look at that, I’m not the only one who thought the term was fitting.

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