QoL improvement : Sort chat channel members

Allow players to sort member list in chat channel for more useful / convenient information.
Allow multi level sorting.

Examples :

  • sort most by most recently added player ascending / descending. To quickly ID the most recent intruder.
  • sort by player name asc/desc
  • sort by standing asc/desc
  • sort by fleet roles (fleet command, wing command, squad command)
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Redundant to the ideas raised in:

This is exactly why we should never get this option. If you want to krab in a busy system with a busy local list, that’s a risk you’re taking.

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That’s one of the points. To mitigate the risk.

If someone wants to krab in a busy system, give someone a way to read the intel easier.
If you’re camping a gate, you know who just jumped through.
If you’re mining, you know who’s coming to tackle you.

Some smarts still need applied, you just get more data to work with.

Intel is already easy enough. We don’t need to make it easier.

You are not getting any more data to work with. It’s still just a name in a list. What you are requesting is a list sorted to your liking for whatever purpose. This means less work has to be done by the player to achieve whatever their goal is. Some people feel that intel gathering is already too easy and too powerful and this change would only make intel gathering and evaluation even easier.

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