Sort Local Chat by standing and/or name?

I’m not sure if someone has asked about or suggested this in the past, but I figured i’d post my idea anyway since it was on my mind. I was looking at local in jita earlier, and while i’ve had to do it many times before I was thinking about how long it takes to scroll up and down the local chat to see who is in system (at war with PIRAT atm) and I wanted to make sure that it was (somewhat) safe to undock.

I’m not certain this is the right place to post suggestions, but I was wondering if CCP could work on a way to sort local (and the other chat windows) by standings and by name?

Plenty of times.

Local is not an intel tool and shouldn’t be made one.

Hisec does not need even more safety and to turn into the ■■■■ show that is null.

Oh, and eve has a features and idea section. This thread can be moved over if you ask an ISD nicely and flag the post.

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Ok, thank you.

No, go away.


so rude

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