An otpion to have select people at the top of local

some of you think I am suggesting that local everywhere behave like High sec local. This is silly.

As it needs clarification, and to differentiate it for trolls. Nah, I implied no such thing.

I just want to have my contacts “optionally” appear at the top.

Obviously people who enjoy scrolling through, can also use only one tab in there overview, set to all. ;'P.

I am also happy to reset your launcher, so that you have the first install of EVE.

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So here it is; jita has 1000’s in local. Sure I could scroll down that list of capsuleers.

But perhaps if CCP could allow me to Jump “contacts” to the top, that would be nice.

Anyone of course is free to comment.


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We do not need to buff local as an intel-tool anymore than it already is.


How many do you speak for?

What do you mean “many” ?

When I wrote this request to CCP, I said I want this. Meaning one person.

When you wrote you said we. Meaning many. So how many do you speak for?

I’d say most PVP-players in the game.


Filtering war targets to the top may be helpful.


Which ones for definate. I’m a pvp person. I’m not very good. But having war targets at top of local (not for people who don’t want it, like you, and your select pvpers but for those who want it.) would be helpful.

And like I said, you could just have normal local. Would that be okay?

The complaint I am aware of against local in general is that it gives away the presence of a possible hunter in null security space, and allows for perfectly tracking their movement across systems.

This ability has led to intel tools being developed where players use a shared chat channel to track the movement of players across large distances so that potential targets can dock up well before a hunter even arrives on scene.

As a sort of counter some players have decided to employ the AFK Cloaking method to present a constant threat that may or may not be there. AFK cloaking is a hotly debated topic (that we should probably refrain from stating our opinions on here), but one that CCP Falcon believes is tired to the use of Local as an intel tool, which it was never meant to be.

Exactly how many people feel local is already too powerful an intel tool is not a question I think we can definitively answer, but likely to include anyone seeking small scale non-consensual PvP to disrupt industrial and ratting operations of their enemies, which would probably be a non-trivial number of people.

Nope. Makes it too easy to spot inbound hostiles.

I’d only be ok with this if it was alliance and corp mates only. No contacts of any kind.


Dudes it’s the same local, just with a filter. So i don’t have to scroll through 4000 names to see who wants to kill me.
And local will work the same as ot doe in j,k, and a space.

I have a much better option for this. Whenever you enter a solar system in any space through a gate or wormhole, you get a giant neo sign with the following text message:

Dear playername,
this is solar system x and the following characters are currently here:

  • character name one in a cloaked ship being idle at this position
  • character name two in y citadel, in ship a with the following fit that you could counter with this setup: waiting to undock and kill you
  • character name three in y citadel, in a ship with the following fit that you could counter in this setup in the same gang as character name two
  • character name four in a cloaked ship with a cyno at the gate, to cyno in the following characters:

Here is the list of capital ships that are waiting to be cyno’d in with the following fits:

Thread level is very high.

You cannot escape the gank that is commencing in 11 seconds because character one is currently away from the screen and getting a beer and not able to announce your presents in the system on this team speak server with this password; this mumble server with this certificate and this password; this discordia channel.

Dear playername, CCP wishes you a heartfelt condolences on your impending ship loss and gives you 50 billion for a replacement.

Have a nice day!

A filter that promotes using non-game mechanics which alert people to inbound targets easier in null more than in high. I’m sorry but as much as you’d like to filter people from local in Jita to give you a clue who’s outside that are reds it would be abused beyond rationality for null.

You asked ‘which players’ and I answered your question to the best of my ability. I summarized the complaints I’ve already read on the subject for academic purposes only.

Exactly numb nuts.

It shouldn’t be easy to spot bad guys coming to kill you. Instead we should make it harder.


I would rather remove local. Only players that chat need to be in local.

Like wormhole space everywhere.
Cloakers that only intend to disrupt merely have to say hi. Players that are hunting are also free to do so.

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The amount of intel tools affecting EVE is too damn high.

Your idea is fine for high sec, but gives top tier warning to carebears in nullsec and plex ninjas in lowsec.

Now you know someone is going to say lets just do it in highsec then, and then we further the funneling of players into null blocs where they will be literally be safer there than in highsec. Roams wont even matter if you do this. Its harder to bait people into fights when they see 99% gang, and this change would ruin any kind of roam or hunt

How dare you suggest the advancement of intel creep!
Lets have fleets clash MORE and bring the game back to ‘50k players online’

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Just kill local already.

The new chat system is absolute garbage anyway. Give null-sec tools (structures) to enable local chat for corporations and alliances. So you don’t show up unless you’re spamming your a** off in Jita or one of the other trade hubs. If it works for wormholers… Problem solved.

Oh, and IBT-local-L.

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How would this give top tier intel in nullsec…
either its a damn neut to you or its not, wow the stupidity of some peoples children.

hmm, and lets see losec…again if its not blue its probably hostile, such whining my god.

Highsec…if you dont have gankers marked red…and cant see red stars in places other than trade hubs then you are really really stupid(AFK).

As to Jita…it would be nice not just for reds but for friendly contacts as well, or trying to see if that 1 trader you like dealing with is online and in local…the proponents against this are just dumb shitlords freaking over nothing cause they are scared and to stupid to adapt(meaning this filter would not affect you if the target knew you were there, however it might help to get you a fight if your targets could easily count how many of you are in local.)

We should be looking at removing local, not buffing it.