Start conversation icon

(Gavin Genisis) #1

please please get rid of the start conversation box above names! it is super distracting and makes it really hard to see who is a neut, red, or blue. now instead of a quick glance I have to spend wasted time really looking over the pilots in local. At least give us a way of shutting that off. the start convo box is very un needed. please fix this!

(Ralph King-Griffin) #2

you know you can set the characters background to show their standing right?

(Gavin Genisis) #3

that has nothing to do with what im talking about and yes im not new to eve. its a very distracting icon that I want to be able to remove.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #4

well it would really easy to see who is a neut, red, or blue
so forgive me for trying to help here.

(Quelza) #5

Doesn’t that bubble icon only show on hover if you switch to the compact list? Are you trying to figure out who’s who in local with the portraits still active in the member list?

(Gavin Genisis) #6

I have mine with the portraits and standings. I just want a way to remove the start convo icon above the standinds icon. if there is a way id love to know

(Gavin Genisis) #8

ha okay yeah! move on buddy

(Old Pervert) #9

Use the compact list. Then you don’t need to hover over anything, you just look at it.

I edited all of my settings, now anyone not blue is likely to send an epileptic into a seizure. Makes trips to Jita a little unpleasant as I feel like a 'nam vet getting triggered every time I take a gate, but when neutrals jump into system, it makes it VERY easy to identify them.

(Kaivarian Coste) #10

Please remove this. I’ve already accidentally opened a convo window. Who the hell gave the greenlight to this? I thought feedback was overwhelmingly negative on reddit.

(Spacing Cowboy) #11

Confirming, please give the option to not show the “i wanne talk to that guy icon”

(Chan'aar) #12

CCP Please either remove this (bonkers idea) or at least give us the ability to hide it.

(A bad Man) #13

But think of all the new friends you’ll make when you accidentally click the convo button while trying to perv at someone’s avatar.

(Epcot) #14

Just do what I do and keep local minimized, so much more exciting

(yellow parasol) #15

This makes it so much easier and motivating to chat with people, compared to the cumbersome effort of rightclicking first, “start conversation” second! Wow, what an amazing feature! i feel the need to log in and start talking to all these people, immediately, because of this button! i am so glad it’s so easy now, really, much wow!

Thank you CCP, you really know what the people need! i have no idea how i managed to figure out how to convo people before! i must be a genius or something! I’m super happy you added this button, now even the lesser intelligent know how to start a private conversation with someone in local!

damn, â– â– â– â– , best feature EVER!!!111 XOXO

(Chan'aar) #16

This feature might actually lead to more people setting the “block convo request” option simply to get around the misclicks that happen.

Yay for something doing the opposite of what was intended.

(yellow parasol) #17

it is, by far, the single best indicator for two things:

  • CCP sucks at understanding how to play a game and live in theoryland without practise
  • They assume people are so retarded, they can’t even rightclick.

It’s insulting us, once again, and one more reason not to put a single cent i to this game until someone with actual clue takes leadership again.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #18

I don’t know why but I have an alt that people seem compelled to talk to and tell me of their “appreciation”.

(Booger Cake) #19

switching all channels to compact member list until this crap nobody asked for is removed :face_vomiting:

(elitatwo) #20

Come on guys, if you look at all the local chat channels all being void of any conversation, except for spam online (Jita, Amarr,…).

This feature will get people talking again. Conversation is better than shooting!

Make talk, not warcraft :wink:

(yellow parasol) #21

you can’t be seriously believing that this button will cause more conversations to happen, especially in public…