The little start convo box

(jitaaa alt) #1

I’m sorry but this is by far one of the dumbest UI changes in the past few years.


(Rivr Luzade) #2

What’s there to discuss. It’s only there because some dumb (new) players don’t know what a right click is.

(Vokan Narkar) #3

I don’t get it.

There are dozens of usefull ideas suggested by players on these forums. Yet they implement something so dumb which nobody asked for. Not to mention it is duplicate feature - it is already there and right click isn’t that hard to do is it? If something like this was truly needed then it should get added as a new button in bottom when you open character info and not like this.

I already opened convo on some random guy because i double clicked too close to the button.

(Memphis Baas) #4

Next time you open that chat window by mistake, don’t waste the opportunity. “■■■■ CCP, sorry mate, gf, bye.” Let everyone know; that’s what the chat icon is there for, to communicate.

(pris Naari) #5

i think its damn silly looking. like it should have an emoji with it.

(Felyx Ravencroft) #6

A few years, Google replaced their wonderfully minimalistic Google Talk with the overly colourful, operationally clumsy, space-wasting yet less informative and less functional Hangouts (which also tried to force some “enhanced social” “features”) - although immediately repulsed, I gave it a fair shake for about two weeks. Then I uninstalled it and switched to another IM client that I had vowed never to use. Just sayin’…

(Paul Brinkhoff) #7

This game is in dire need of a complete UI rework. CCP does not even provide a usefull overview by default and the corp management UI is simply bad.

Stuff like that should have priority over the convo box.
And no one can tell me that this convo icon is more important for new players than an actual usefull overview.
But CCP has managed to make not listening to the customers an actual artform.

(Memphis Baas) #8

Knock on wood!

How would you like it if the Overview only showed you 12 (randomly selected) ships, and with ■■■■■■■ chat boxes next to their names? Ctrl-click opens convo instead of locking targets?

I mean, you’re asking CCP to completely rework something. They “completely reworked” the agent finder, didn’t they?

(Si Karde) #9

Yup I told my m8’s yesterday this was a stupid idea and today I’m opening convo’s with reds. Yeah why don’t you just place it where its gonna get hit by accident constantly when your trying to gather intel…

(Rexxar Santaro) #10


I opened the convo few times after a left click on character alias. This is a very annoying function on compact lists.

Better implement a smart compact tool-tip to display character photo, alias, corporation, alliance, born time, bounty, with options to ‘drop-side’ info like Bio and other without clicking on that Show Info every time. It’s not hard to implement into this UI.

(Nana Skalski) #11

Actually instead of adding some dumb obstructing icons, they could add emotes that everyone would love to troll with. :psyccp::ok_hand::1st_place_medal:

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #12


(Subelectro Shanzaar) #13

Please remove this really distracting and frustrating “feature”…

(Chan'aar) #14

Escape menu, Chat tab, block chat requests. Works for me.

CCP trying to make it easier for people to chat to me, made it impossible for people to chat to me.

(system) #15

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