Remove or disable 'Start conversation' button in any channel

(Ilona Smith) #1

Recent update added new ‘Start conversation’ button in all chat (channel) window.
I get random opened conversations, because I occasionally click it or other person clicks on chat window and hit that button. That is really annoying!
Is it possible to remove that button? I dont need it. A lot of my corpmates dont like it too.
‘Start conversation’ functionality does not require such a ‘fast’ way to be enabled in GUI.

(Tiddle Jr) #2

Its gonna be there forever cause CCP wants so.

Use compact chat listing, switch on autoreject or set up cspa charge that would give you sort of filtering of possible decrease of unneeded convo from/to you.

(Trajan Unknown) #3

This button is one if not the worst UI design decision since I started playing EvE. It´s totally unneeded, clutters the channel list, creates a lot of “unwanted actions” and on top of all of that is not removable. In defense of the - usually good design team - I guess someone higher up had a hefty brainfart and forced this down their and lastly our throat. This “feature” stands for a lot of things you don´t do when you create sleek and modern UI´s.

(Ilona Smith) #4

You just wrote all my thoughts, specifically about someone from management, who NEED this button to be here. I had similar experience in my work, and that is absolutely counterproductive…

(Huren Ogeko) #5

I guess if some find the feature useful then it is worth it, but for the rest of us who find it gets in the way and creates too many unwanted and accidental convo requests please give us a way to disable it. Ideally maybe make it a per window option to disable it right next to the options that let us make the userlist compact or not.

(Jian Mira) #6

Yep don’t really understand why they added this new feature, seems very pointless to me…

lets hope they remove it soon!

(system) #7

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