Start conversation button

Give us the option to at least remove it from the damn window… It’s not really needed as there right click start conversation there…

Useless icon just clogging up the screen, and the chance that you can ■■■■ up and click it when you mean to click the name to right click to show info but you click that and well now your ■■■■■■, a window pop up and blocking your view and overview and now you cant PVP and die…


+1 this. I keep trying to open character info of people in local and instead end up sending mass convos. Please give us the option to remove it!

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Another reason for it to be removed, Player can just do a mass spam start conversation button attacks now due to it’s just one click now, MEANING it’s lot more easy to block someone’s view!

Followed by reporting them to a GM and getting them banned for using an exploit to help win a fight.

We’ve found a reason to keep the chat bubbles! Huzzah!

I’ve lost count how many “Oops I accidentally clicked that damn bubble button” conversations I’ve started, as well as received.

For the love of ■■■■, get rid of this pointlessness.

I would also like to propose that whoever thought of and/or approved this stupid idea be put in an unfitted Titan outside Station 4-4 in Jita, and given a criminal flag until said Titan has been pounded into dust by the angry mob. They deserve it, and you know it!

Yes, I don’t mind the chat bubble icon except for those accidental clicks. There are certainly ways to streamline user accessibility of the chat client. Here’s one way you could do that:

‘Slide to chat’
works with or without existing chat bubbles by [left click player name+hold+swipe left] (or right) to initiate private chat invite. User can go into advanced options to pick what left/right swiping opens beyond default settings.

Slide into those DMs

Or just make these chat bubbles optional.
At first I thought this was not a big deal but after accidently opening several private conversations (and getting some invites) I changed my mind.

This interface element should stay. There are many people who like it. And of course there are people who don’t like it (mainly because didn’t see it before).

But there should be redesign, for example to make it slightly smaller.

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