Remove of those speechbubbles

(Tarkis Headhunter) #1

I want to remove the speedbubbles on player icons again, as they are iritiating at best, and useless in most situations.

(Old Pervert) #2

FTFY. What an age we are living in when right-clicking and starting a conversation was considered too much work.

(Tarkis Headhunter) #3

No idea, how you are organized in eve, but we have Chatchannels for friends, allies, intel, etc. etc. and IF i ever want to talk to a new char RIGHT CLICK -> Start Conservation

There is absolutly no need for those speechbubbles, they are just :hover elements, that exidently get activated, because you wanne use the context menu and move the mouse a pixel short. EOD.

(system) #4

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