[UI] Adding an icon tag for 'Precursor' vessels

A fairly simple “feature” request:

As it currently stands, Precursor ships - while having their own entire market/item category - have no “tag” attached to them as seen with all faction 73-8_Faction, tech II 73-4_II, and tech III 73-3_III ships.
While obviously not a completely necessary addition, consistency is always nice to have, so I’ve gone and thrown together a plausible new icon tag for Precursor vessels:

’PRECURSOR’ ICON TAG: 73-6_Precursor

APPLIED INGAME: (yes, that’s a Drifter Battleship mocked-up - I’m still gunning for those)

Inserted into the whole lineup of existing icon tags in EVE’s files:
73-2_Abyssal Tech 4 - 73_16_244 73-3_III 73-4_II 73-5_I 73-6_Precursor 73-7_Storyline 73-8_Faction timelimited 73-9_Deadspace nes 73-91_Officer(yes, there’s a tech IV icon in the files)

The inspiration for the symbol itself came from this concept art of the EVE: Origin’s cinematic Colony Vessels (top corners and next to its title) by CCP’s Art Director, Georg Hilmarsson:

If there’s any appropriate inspiration for a Precursor technology symbol, it’s one that’s related to some of the earliest vessels to enter New Eden. A yellower-green, almost forest-ish & worn out color felt appropriate for the tag’s color as well - and all put-together, the tag is immediately distinct from the closer-in-color Storyline and Faction tags.

Again, while it isn’t a vital thing for the game, an identifying tag for Precursor ships (and perhaps other items) would be a nice addition to EVE.



As an additional thought, it might be nice to change “faction” Triglavian (and other future Precursor) weapons and modules to this type as well - the Veles Entropic Disintegrators, Perun Mutadaptive Remote Rep, and Veles Entropic Radiation Sinks would fit nicely with this tag.


The first thing I thought of when I saw the icon was “locked chest”. Obviously there’s an aspect of mystery to it that is good, but it might get interpreted as “unavailable”. I don’t expect most people to associate the icon with a lock, but I think it was worth mentioning.
I don’t have any alternative suggestion (and to be honest I quite like the one you’re suggesting), so I’ll put my support behind you on this one.


Damn. It’s a nice write-up, and I like your icon, but…

Triglavian ships are a faction (as in caldari, amarr, gallente, and minmatar) and not a tier of ship. I guess it is kind of confusing, because they’re not grouped with the other factions in the market and we have the pirate faction ships (which are a tier of ships, but with faction lore).

Anyway, there are T1 and T2 tiers of triglavian vessels, just like there are T1 and T2 tiers of Gallente ships. Moreover, they have their own racial skills, just like the existing factions have (i.e. Caldari Cruisers and Triglavian cruisers).


This is really cool!

That DRB in hangar threw me for a loop for a bit there :sweat_smile:


For me this does not make sense systematically. The triglavian line-up is presented as a faction like Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari with T1, T2, faction(!) and officer ships and modules.

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The current sole Precursor lineup is indeed presented like the Empires’ lineups are, and your points concerning that are cogent @Tipa_Riot @Shipwreck_Jones - but my counter is the categorization of Precursor ships themselves (which you did indeed already bring up, Shipwreck):


For now, as they’re the only Precursor shipline, the Trig shipline resembling the Empires’ does make it seem funny to have a special tag - but with the addition of any other Precursor shiplines in the future - Drifter, Jove (Directorate), Takmahl, Yan Jung, Talocan, etc. - the category split is sensible imo.

And after all, CCP Rise did say back in 2018 that the point of the “Precursor” designation was to provide a space for future Precursor factions in terms of ships, weapons, and anything else they include - which would all also use the Precursor skills we already have.

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