Custom text on assembled ships [hover], tags, meta info

Each ship fitting has it’s own purpose. This is the fundamental nature of EVE.

It would be nice if there was more than just a “ship name” which is PUBLIC on DSCAN, where players can add useful reminder info for themselves, when deciding which ship to fly out of a hangar.

The only info available when you hover over an assembled ship are:

  • Ship name
  • Est. Value
  • Size (m3)
    ??? - 180 characters of non-ship-name text field!
    “pvp injection fit” “pve sansha ratting” “gassing ops” “pvp mining fit”

I shouldn’t have to simulate every single ship I own to find the one I need, right?

This is a PRO-CCP idea because:

  • Faster reactions from players means more ships die
  • More ships die, more players buy PLEX
  • More PLEX, more good
  • More good, game healthy
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