Add obvious fitting hints to target when folloing/inspect

When you look at that neutral ship floating in space, have you ever wondered - what guns it has? What prop mod? What subsystem fitted?

CCP - why not add those VISIBLE things somewhere. Like a press a follow in overview and see that that legion is fitted with HAMs, on nullifier subsystem and have this 100mn ab.

The idea is - you can see these anyway, but need to remember how guns/subsystem looks. (ok prop you can’t be speed is visible and can be guessed)
Why not add this as an info somewhere, so it can be easy accessed?


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Use the ship scanner?

Comes at a cost of a slot.

You can look at the ship and see it’s turrets. But the cost is “remember” how they look.
You can see what subsystems are fitted on t3, but you need to remember.
You can see the speed and asses what prop the ship has.

Why make things more difficult? Ship scanner - sure, for everything, but let us take info from whats already on screen, no?

Nobody plays zoomed in, Eve is a grid game.

Ofc. But you see that neutral, you zoom in (or click info) and see obvious basics.
Sure, you can’t reveal everyhing, there a ship scanner for it, but turrets/missiles/subsystems it’s a valid strat.

Yes, so you get rewarded if you remember how guns look like, or how subsystems look like.

And for everything else, there is a ship scanner.

Oh, you wanted EVE to be a simple game?

Many things are visible about ships, not just their exact weapon type. You can also see the types of links they run, whether their armour has been damaged or if they’re deep into hull. If they’re having shield hardeners online, or sensor boosters. Their speed may tell you their propmod or can even tell you if they’re running snake implants.

Get learning, it may give you an edge over your opponents in this competitive game if you know things they do not.

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