Visible Rigs

Make some ship rigs or modules visible on the ship. Turrets are distinctively displayed, then why not MicroJumpdrives? Doesn’t have to be so much work. Start out simple, with modular parts. This would be easy on a Venture - just snap on some tech-looking structures on the basic model. Focus points should be ECM equipment and engine parts.

Shouldn’t this Also be in “Player Features and Ideas”?

It’s a good idea until you have 3000 ships in a system, with your client now loading one of roughly 1,000,000 different hull permutations for each ship (roughly 100 possible rigs, 3 slots, 100^3 = 1mil). Granted some rigs are not goign to be commonly fit, but the mere possibility of them being fitted makes them required.

It then also requires that one transmit the fitting of the ship, at least in part, to every other client, which is akin to throwing a cage full of server hamsters into a bucket of water.


They only need to load when you ‘look at’ a ship same as turrets.

Long term goals; i’d like everything to be shown in some way. But this is a massively complicated project.

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so they mean mods in general not just rigs right?

ccp is already working in this direction they do it in a “if there is time” sort of thing with the art team

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A ship scanner, however, should show all the installed components in a ship. Want to know what I have? Don’t be cloaked, be in range, and sacrifice that midslot (or two if passive targeting) to see my goodies…

so should we remove guns and the like from ship models as well?

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You can see my guns, but if you want to see what’s underneath you at least gotta buy me a few drinks first :wink:

why are guns an exception?

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can you see my rigs? no
can you see my damage mods? no
Propulsion mods? not unless I use them

seeing a pattern?

what is “under the hood” shouldn’t be visible. Pony up and scan it if you want to know.

Why do you think???

Guns by their very nature have to be on the outside of the ship. They don’t do nearly as much good in a fight if your hull is between your guns and the enemy.

Upgrades to the ships engines would be in the engine room, which seeing as your crew need to maintain it, usually it’s more useful to have on the inside of your ship.

they don’t need to be before you start shooting and who’s to say that afterburners or MWDs don’t require external mounts to a ship? I was unaware you had such a deep understanding of engineering in a fake universe. how do you add 1600mm of steal without any added bulk to the ship?

this is not a point of realism so don’t try to argue that.

one thing I would like to add to this is the shield effect should be based on your sig rad before paints are applied. this would be easy to do and make more sense.

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Why don’t we fly cartoon bubbles with our fit instead a ship?

It would be so much easier to gank everyone to right-click the gate and scroll down a to a fit that you like to gank and have a “WARP TO ZERO AND WIN” button on all gates, wormholes, star, stations, citadels.

You press “IWIN” in the station and go watch. The rest is so complicated anyways. If some life forms need to use the food intake for (OMAGOD NOEEES!!!111eleven) thinking, they might die.

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