Faction Rigs

I’m sure this has never been discussed before :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, why is this not a thing yet? After all there is even one for Structures (Thukker Engineering).

They could either:

  • provide T2 Rig boni without any penalty (useful for some, useless for some)
  • provide higher than T2 Rig boni (like 20-25% higher)
  • provide lower than T1 boni, but two or three combined into one rig (gun tracking + damage, warp speed + align etc.)
  • come at lower fitting cost (could allow for more tinkering)
  • provide boni that do not yet exist (remote shield boost, probe scanner speed, target painter strength, drone tracking, jump range, micro jump drive cycle reduction, booster duration, neut amount… you name it)

For additional greatness, they could drop in Lowsec belts as BPCs :smiley:



Thad would be interesting, there is no such thing as to much purple :shuffleparrot:

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I’m on board with this idea, and also agree with them being a reward for risking ships carrying out lowsec PVE content.


They would present a challenge for the balance team - especially now that rigs on T3 cruisers are removable. We want interesting fitting options but not power creep.

I would support these if they replaced equivalent value in bounties - slowing the growth in the money supply would improve the health of the economy.

Topic should be moved to player features and ideas.

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I like. +1


Few restrictions would balance things - can’t mix with T1/2 rigs on same ship, got greater calibration/production cost.

Why? :sound:

Because it’s an idea or feature… submitted by a player. -_-

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It’s not an idea submitted, I know it’s hard for some people here to use there senses correctly :dizzy:

And for others it’s hard to use English correctly.

Uses wrong there/their/they’re when calling people out on not using THEIR senses.

Also how is it not an idea?

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My main language is not english, countries are not the same, universal logic is, if you didn’t understand what I just said right there you’re an idiot, sorry if I triggered some people for having a lack of sense :mauritius:

Ok now that you’ve deflected lets bring this around and have you answer the question. How is it not an idea?

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Ok, make sentient drones drop them. :ok_hand:

I’m glad you told us this, we couldn’t tell otherwise.

It’s an idea (make faction rigs) that came from a player @zluq_zabaa that was submitted (posted on the forums). The forums has a sub forum for player submitted ideas… Yet, according to you, anyone who thinks this is:

umm… kay…

TBH if they are placed anywhere that isn’t a mad ISK printing area (i.e. not in null anoms, not in HS incursions), then they will decrease the growth in money supply.

If someone spends 5 hours chasing these in lowsec belts, that’s five less hours spent ratting in null, hence less ISK entering the economy.

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You’re right. They should present an option to spice things up, not be all around better at everything, no matter the rarity or production cost. With rigs having calibration cost, usually provide both an advantage and a penalty, I’m confident that there is a good base to build upon.

I didn’t think about economic implications yet, but if they were to drop as BPCs, they would be a small ISK sink rather than a faucet, because of production cost (system index) and as @Sabriz_Adoudel pointed out, they could bring people from farming ISK to hunting these drops.

Maybe it would be best to spread it out over all areas of space, so that smaller ones usually drop in Highsec belts, medium sized in lowsec and large ones in Null belts. To more or less follow the logic of faction items, the specific type could vary depending on region. That is, if anyone at CCP even finds that this could be a thing.

I’m not against it :slight_smile:

This has been moved to Player Features and Ideas

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How about making faction rigs not removable? Either you say that faction rigs always get destroyed, or T3C are able to unfit only T1 and T2 rigs. This one problem is surprisingly easy to get around in my opinion. The balance… not so much.

But I also support the idea.

you realize the current ones are balanced around the ideal max right?

adding these you would not see them being much better than what we have now, rather you would see the current t1 and 2 get nerfed.