Pirate Rigs

What are peoples thoughts on Pirate Rigs?

An example that springs to mind: -

Guristas Offensive Rig I

5% bonus to Drone and Missile Damage (or Rate of fire).
15% penalty to Passive shield regen (coming down to 10% with Guristas Rigging skill lvl 5).
200-250 calibration points to fit it?

I suggest a larger penalty than normal rigs to counter the dual bonus

Don’t really see any purpose. But could cause balance issues.

Overall, it’s make work.


Balance issues are a non-argument since Abyssal mods were introduced. And don’t forget the ridiculousness with titans and supers.

If anything, we need more broken balance to have more fun.

Having impact two different traits could be a balancing nightmare taking years of work to fix (if ever).

I suggest that they simply be better and MUCH more costly version of the existing options (similar to how faction items are better and much more expensive than T2 items and only effect the same attribute).

I realize that CCP has put things into the game that effect 2 traits like the ballistic control that aids both missile and drone damage and EVE didnt explode. That being said, the outcome of suddenly and significantly changing all rigs to have dual purpose offerings could in fact explode EVE.

When all is said in done; however, im against them as a concept and only put forth the above suggestion to further the conversation and propose a compromise if they do get put into the game.

except guns =/ I wish faction and/or (at least) Officer guns were able to use T2 ammo to justify their rarity and cost and to revitalize faction weaponry market…

Maybe for the new trig weapon but that’s it. No pirate rigs since the ships are already powerful and the rigs you propose seems to only help them not other ships.

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