Slot 10 implant that grants more rig calibration

As title, gives +50 rig calibration as a flat bonus.


This may not be bad.

Though there is the complication of rigs being destroyed upon removal. So if you’re not in the right head you may be in a pickle.

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Sure but that would be a nice downside for having those implants.

However, I see a balancing problem with 50 calibration point implants since all faction and pirate faction ships are balanced with 350 points of calibration, meaning pirate ships could be made too strong.

It would defeat the purpose of calibration - which was introduced specifically to prevent certain combinations of rigs.

would you describe the situation you faced so decided to post your idea

Shield slaves are coming, drone implants coming too

May as well complete this perfect circle

avg t2 rig, for example, offers only 5% improvement on t1 at substantial cost. at slot 10 you have the ROF and turret damage implants, so you sacrifice the opportunity to fit more damage for the sake of… some extra calibration (which wont allow anyone to fit 2x t2 damage rigs anyway).

it just seems like a nice way to let some super niche builds materialise, I don’t think any complaint about pirate ships being OP is credible since they are by design more powerful than t1/t2/navy ships, broadly speaking. 50 more calibration wouldn’t be breaking the camels back compared to say HG asklepians or something.

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Why 50?

nice round number, opens the most options

Sorry bro but this cannot be a reason for a change.

Maybe this change would be nice for game but no reason here and me personally never looked at it.

You could argue the same for cpu and powergrid.

Given the calibration values of existing rigs (they are multiples of 25) and that calibration is ignored for size, a flat amount of 25-50 makes perfect sense.

If anyone can think of something genuinely game breaking then by all means argue it, but as a matter of perspective this, in most cases i can think of, only allows one already existing rig to be upgraded to a t2 rig. Or maybe an extra rig added when you have a damage rig fit. Nothing i would consider balance upsetting.

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The problem arises when you attempt to fit an over-calibrated rig into a ship, and then attempt to fly said ship WITHOUT the implant in your head. What happens? Game says “■■■■ off until you have that implant back in your head”? Randomly chooses one or more rigs to explode out of the ship until it’s under calibration limits again?

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Or force you to unfit it/fly something else.

I said you’d be in a pickle

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