Slots increasing skills

High level skills for increasing module slots and rig slots. Each level of skills give addition possibility to add one slot (module or rig).

Could be trained only after advanced weapon upgrades V for example or smth like that. Training time multiplier - 12.

whilst interesting i dont think you really want my 160mil sp toon running around in a taranis with 5 lowslots, 6 highs and 4 mids, its not a good plan i think; and it would benefit people like me mostly :wink:

im now imagining a 550dps taranis with dual prop, web AND scram as well as a hefty buffer… oh my…


well… but we not only can imagine assaults with EHP more than capital but we can now see them ingame))

Agree that this maybe too much. But doesn’t you with your highly trained toon deserve it?

There should be some way to add at least one slot to rig slots.

The amount of slots and calibration for rigs are a balancing mechanic. Changing them would break the ship balance horribly.


As a first step it could be addition a rig slot to industrial ships, Ore ships and freighters maybe.

Those ships are balanced around having their current amount of slots. Any change to them and they would have to be rebalanced for the new maximum. They are currently just fine as they are.

The idea is a non-starter. Even rig slots are a significant balancing tool. This just adds even more power to older players to curb stomp new players.

This is another person with no grasp of balance or the game they’re playing.


CCP balances ships so they aren’t overpowered based on the number of slots they have. They’ve never added anything that adds slots to ships. And there are only 1 skill each to increase the other limiting factors: power grid and CPU.

Why? Because:

  1. It would be a nightmare for them to balance ships if our characters can add extra slots to ships that they’ve already balanced “as is.”

  2. Any skill that increases fitting resources (power grid, CPU), we already recommend that everyone train to 5 ASAP. They are that important. With your suggestion everyone would train these skills to 5, and it would take AGES of sitting in station waiting for boring skills that do nothing except are pretty much required.

This is a really stupid idea. All it does is add another mandatory skill to train (or, in 2018, buy and inject) before your character can be viable in PvP. No matter how long it takes you will be required to get it to V. The ships flown by characters with the extra slots would be blatantly overpowered, anyone who didn’t immediately get it to V would be at a huge disadvantage.

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No means for mandatory training of this or any other skills. And why those who put their efforts to necessary skills cannot have advantages?

And why those players who are ingame for more than 8 years should not be much better those who only in the beginning?

If you and others like you really think that there are balance in pvp part of this game - i have bad news for you :grin:

Increasing of rig slots opens possibility for more flexible designing of ships. And for those players who able to construct more effective configurations it lets show up themselfes with a full scale.

P.S.: put an arguments and proofs but not just words

What did i say, eh?

Going back in history, there used to be these learning-skills, that made you train skills faster. You basically trained skills so you could train skills faster. You basically had mandatory skills you needed to train BEFORE you could actually train any other skill in the game.

Your idea is the same thing. Any skill that would increase the number of slots (be it fitting or rig) would be a mandatory skill you NEED to train before you can be effective as extra slots are such a large edge to have.

CCP would have to rebalance every ship in the game again to take into account the new slots, which would mean they would nerf every ship to keep them from suffering from power-creep.


In coming game balancing nightmare of epic proportions.

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would be a nightmare? they cant balance them as is without making a new flavor of the month because they don’t add in us players. a lot of rebalances are done because we don’t use the ships like they want us to, or we have made ships for specific roles we found out they are good for.

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No, id prefer additional ships or modules for higher sp toons, maybe tech 3 modules or more t2 bc and bs?

Basically this ^ an older toon will likely already have twice as much effectiveness as many other players in any given ship and that doesnt encompass experience aswell.

I agree they should be better, but not because of slot layouts, because of experience; if after 8 years of pvp gameplay you still dont know what or how to slingshot for example that is not down to the ship layout…

This is basically why a new toon with an experienced player can and often gets kills even with relatively low sp; more often than not skill points merely allow a player more freedom in fitting choices and ships but being good at the game balances this along with slot layouts.
What you propose would take this edge away completely and also make fleet warfare utterly ridiculas, people would have machs with like 12 turrets… dreads with… anyway…

Its a nice thought but it would be incredibly detrimental to game play. However; an additional subsystem for t3’s that allow some slight modification of slot layout only might be nice (example 4 subs for each slot allowing only 1 additional high/mid etc)
Perhaps on some form of t3 battlecruisers… :wink:

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