What are your thoughts about modules that affect other players to be on high slots

I was thinking what would be the effect if modules for example web & warp disruptor this type of things were all on high slots provided that it would be enough space adjusted there for them and for their specialty and adjustments on the mint slats using common sense of course .
The purpose is to allow All ships more or less to be able to use those offensive manuals more easily

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nice :slight_smile: lets fit ever ship with tackle and nobody can shoot anymore xD

in which way is this easier ? some ships dont have a utility high slot so they never could tackle anyone or they dont do damage anymore …

thats an idiotic idea …

Read again more carefully

have you looked at heavy interdictors?

What are you trying to fix with this? Why do you want this change? Your last sentence does not make sense to me, how would things be easier to use? I would press the same button either way.


You know you can drag those modules to any position of the hotkey set, right ?


I like OPs idea at first glance because i think fitting modules that affect other players negatively should require bigger compromises

Hi Wesfarn :grinning:

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That’s too difficult.



Are you serious you’re not serious are you :thinking:

I am very serious that your hotkey layout is independent of the fitting window’s slot layout.

Are you serious that you want more high slots for all ships and move mid slot mods to high ? You’re not serious, are you.


You can fit neuts on high slots. Quite effective against ships with active tank or that require capacitor for weapons.


Except you then lose track of which rack you are overheating, if you have modules from different racks.

Not really. I swapped mid slot mods to high and low (AB, booster, scanner), then used the overload mid rack button and cycled the AB for a few periods. Look:
But for players not knowing (yet) which mod types are in which rack, it may be a bit confusing.

Anyway, OP’s question is about rebalancing, it seems.

and in that picture, it looks like overheating your AB would only damage the miners while it could also damage your booster.

Yes, that’s what Altara wrote …

That is not what the post is about you have drifted away from the subject :woozy_face:

Please clarify your post then. Your position is unclear to most.

Yes you see how nicely allows four ships of all types to be able to use those modules , if that wasn’t the case just imagine if you were able to use them at all :wink: