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Subject: Interchangeable Module Slots
Purpose and Goal: To allow for modules to be used to enhance/modify other slots on the ship.

This may seem like an inefficient use of ship slots but I have often found a few occasions where I don’t really need that utility high slot or maybe I am shield tanking and cant really find anything to place in that extra low which would fit within given CPU/PG. The idea here would be to use those slots to essentially move that useless slot into a more useful one for your fit. The idea here is to have a 2 high slot modules one which grants +1 to the mid slots, the penalty comes into play but losing the slot you would be occupying.

If you had a slot layout similar to a Corax for example where you would essentially have 7H, 4M, and 2L you would have a total of 11 slots. What I am proposing would mean that you could take a high slot for example and use that space with a module that would grant a mid slot or a low slot. Now your new slot layout may look like this 7H, 3M, 3L for a total of 11 slots. Your total number of slots would not change however, your total number of usable slots would change because you now have 1 slot being occupied to allow the change. So in a way the module penalizes you for that. The idea would be to limit this to 1 per ship kind of like Reactive Armor Hardener is now. You essentially have a utility module that allows you to take that extra H, M, or L slot that you may fly out the dock having not fit and use it to gain a slot you would find more useful.

Now there are obviously some variations in fits you can use with this module but at the end of the day it’s purpose is to fill a gap being left behind from a select number of ships that have pretty tight CPU and PG to begin with. The module would use neither CPU or PG, I believe the balance is achieved in maintaining the total slot number that was originally there. The change would not be huge, we aren’t talking about shifting a ship to go from 4H, 2M, and 3L to 8H, 0M, and 1L lol it would just be 1 slot being manipulated and shifted around…for now, the number of these modules could change in the future but the goal is to keep it to a minimum to see its usage. Anyone have suggestions or comments feel free to respond.

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Such modules are already in the game. They are called T3 cruiser subsystem

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Such modules are restrictive to one single class of ship vs every class of ship.

and that one class of ship has proved to be hard enough to balance

-1 The slots on ships are hard enough to balance without having to take into account something like this.

not to mention that there are plenty of modules in both low and mids that can be used to suplement each other.

doing a shield tank? finding that you have too many lows for some unknown reason (can’t think of many ships that would be shield fit and still have enough low slots for a dcu, 3 damage mods, tracking enhancers and STILL have slots left over) but… if for whatever reason you do, or maybe your going for a shield brick, there are flux coils and power relays that you can fit.

and in reverse, lets say your going armor tank and have just too many mid slots, but want a little more oomph from your tank. well you can throw on a tracking computer which lets you drop an enhancer in the low and there you go, extra tank.

as for highs… you can never go wrong with a neut. although I will admit, I have had the very odd fit where i’ve been left with a spare utility high. but thats fine, just means I had squeezed as much as I could out of the other slots and absolutely nothing else is gonna fit.

overall completely unnecessary idea, since, with just a little bit of creative fitting you can already do exactly what you’ve described.

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fixed that for you, flux coils many times leave you with less hp/s than without and even when they give you more the buffer you lose means less time spent with recharging shields leading you to less over all ehp. they have a similar issue as shield rechargers only worse.

Oh my - this would really mess with the ideas behind ship layouts and big time with the balancing.

There are a lot of things you can put in extra high slots already (almost all the time it’s just 1 slot) suitable for both PvE and/or PvP.

Besides, a high energy slot isn’t just a slot with a lot of energy. It is a slot at the outside of the hull with a port to the outside world, having an effect on something outside the ship.
Look at it that way: the lower the slot, the deeper it is inside your ship. This should also limit the possible interactions with each other a little bit. There already is a lot going on - usually lower slots supporting functions/modules of higher slots.

I know I am putting style above dry/pure mechanics again. But we love ships and they should damn well feel like good designs. Why mess with the layouts more than necessary?

The cap one have a niche use of getting you to jump cap “fast” but that’s about it. The shield one is so bad tho…

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better than just using the cap recharging one?

The cap regen bonus is bigger so it reduce the amount of time it will take you to get to 75% more than a smaller bonus if you get under any neut pressure, you are probably toast tho.

It’s also technically good if you are getting fed cap to jump by cap transfers since filling your smaller tank to 75% is easier because cap transfer work with flat amount of gj.

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oh i miss read you the first time aye when you said the shield one is just crap my mind went to the mid slot one for shields. assumed all we were talking about was the shield mods

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