Ships having a movable module slot

OKe,hello EvE pilots,

I do frigate pvp since i started this game,and after the new patch that increased the damage of small range turrets and killed the resistances,i feel like it changed frigate pvp for the worse.But im not here to complain.
I was smoking something nice,as i usually do playing eve,and this idea came to me :

What if ships would have an already existing module slot made movable.Something like this : Take a rifter with 3/3/4 slot layout.If one slot would be movable,i would be able to make it 3/4/3 and fit dual webs,or i could make it 2/3/5 for more tank,or 2/5/3 for whatever you want.I wanted to explain it the best i could

This in my head,was intended for frigates only,as i like to pvp with them the most,and in the current state of the game,pvp with frigates its a mess after the patch.

I do not see big imbalance problems,in frigate class,if this would happen,but i would see a part of the game pvp being revived,and made to require skill,like it used to.As it is now,its all dual webs with no points and frigates die in seconds to face-hugging massive dps frigates

If its a bad idea,then so be it.

o/ Fly dangerous and die free!

Hey, they’re starting to figure it out on their own!


a reason would be nice,its easy to say no…

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The reason is that you could make on really super strong version of a ship that would de-rail all the ship balance we currently have.

It would also be impossible to balance since EVE players are known to fiddle things out, our Joveans didn’t consider at the time.

If you want exchangeable slot layouts, then tech 3 cruisers will be for you.


Why do you need to fit points? You’re there to fight, not to run away if you start to lose. If you fit a point to keep the other guy from running away, then it’s no longer PvP, it’s a gank…

While it does sound cool, I think it would make ships extremely hard to balance.

For sake of argument, imagine having a system where you can remove two slots from a frigate (not hardpoints) to add one slot elsewhere. So, in this example, a 3/3/4 Rifter could become a 3/1/5 Rifter, or a 3/4/2 Rifter, etc. You’d gain some flexibility, but you’d lose overall capability if you reallocated your slots. Seems fair enough, right? Well, scratch a little bit deeper and you see it’s still hard to maintain balance, especially for drone boats and faction ships. I mean…can you imagine a 1/5/2 Worm? Or a 1/3/5 Astero? Ouch. And if it can get that bad with requiring two slots to add one somewhere else…being able to do it on a 1-for-one basis would just be bonkers.

Hard no to this idea.

It’s already hard enough to balance T3s with their variable slot layouts, and they were designed to be that way. You’re asking to add something akin to that level of flexibility to an entire class of ships (a large one at that) that wasn’t designed to be that flexible.

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