What are your thoughts about modules that affect other players to be on high slots

Surely it’s a terrible change?

You remove the flexibility of choosing how many slots and move to devote to tackle or utility to having it hard-coded into the hull design. So many fun fits would be made impossible.

All those difficult decisions about how to balance, tank, utility, tackle and DPS are made for the player, killing player self-expression and agency.

Edit: to use an example of my most used ship, the Widow, you could use it’s 8 mids for a powerful shield tank, but with limited space for stuff like warp disruptors, ECM, MWD/MJD, etc. Alternatively you can armor tank it for huge flexibility in fitting those modules, but lose DPS in the process. I use both styles of fit regularly as suits the situation. Your change would completely gut this fitting flexibility.


Why not though ?
What if all “aggressive” modules were placed in high ? Well you would have to choose how you interact with opponents. place a scram, lose 20% of your DPS ! add a web, lose 25% !
Sure that would change the balance. Not sure it that would change a lot of things.

ok I read your black widow example and it makes sense.

NGL…my wolves don’t need the RL per se for that slot. I’d like more than 1 mid for this.

Why this idea has issues. CCP for whatever reason wanted some ships to not have more mid utility. Wolf is the poster child for it imo. either you take a point/scram…or you don’t and run a TC or something.

I was thinking if to move the modules that affect other players directly at the high slats and there you have to trade off in between DPS or EW and of course the space won’t be enough to maximize both you going to have to trade off in between DPS or all your EW = I mean the rest of the modules except weapons ,
at the medium and lowers slots the same thing it’s going to be happening with HP modules and the rest of the other modules that involve engineering electronics and movement ,
don’t forget CCP also controls how you fit your ship if it is using Shields or armor by controlling the CPU and power distribution of the ship.

but most of the ships have an e-war bonus and most e-war bonused ships are not a real weapon platform ! so … there is no choice xD … you fit that stuff which gaves you the best results !

no they cant controle how you fit your ship ! they just set some parameters where the fitting has its limit, for example that you cant fit capital armor plates on your little atron ! thats completly different meaning !

2 things.

Utility highs. Some have them and they’d use it here. Going back to wolf. My RL slot is now the point, my free mid is something like a TC, cap battery, sebo,
something else. NOw I tackle and have my an actual mid option for fun.

Other issues is many dedicated tackle choose tradeoffs. Scram or point. web or no web. Dual CC tackles (web and scram for example) in short…tank like butt. It’s maybe offset to rigs.

this could slide it up there in the utility. Worst case its scram and point (pushing warp stab limits) and the web. And if you burn out of scram range…burn some more on the point. If you can.

Dedicated tackle would not lose sleep about the dps loss. if not true solo they have 1 job. Tie the target down till the cruisers (bigger) show up.

this gets…even better tackle. Off the top of my head with CC modules in the highs, dropped weapons…I am throwing in better tank. Sebo for faster locks. this is currently a tradeoff as well. And/or a cap battery to offset nos/vamp counters if used.

Since I sense empire focused base here…I’d fit resists for gallente drones in the now freed mids. Better than 50/50 chance I’d see these since the bis pve drone for general use.

What problem are you trying to solve?

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To make it possible for All ships to be able to carry modules that affect other ships without interfering with the rest of the ship .
Even though you can reduce defense in order to increase offense using the medium slots and low slots of the ship by using those particular boosters that offer the extra benefits to the high slots those benefits can be for damage output or boosting the EW modules .
They’re always will be a trade off either way just allowing for more flexibility

and whats the difference to the actual system ? oO its the same think you only want to switch agressive modules from med slots to high slots …

then use the correct ship … e-war ships are normaly not used for DPS oO and DPS ships are bad e-war ships without boni !

the only thing you changed is that you dont have any DPS if you wanna fit a decent tackle fit but you can add a decent shield tank on every ship … oO

your idea is stupid and does not make sense !

I don’t see how this is any different to the current system.
In any event, unless you either add high slots or remove turret/launcher hardpoints (and increase damage accordingly), you’ll wind up lowering dps quite considerably.
I don’t see how this would be any more flexible than the current arrangement.

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Had somebody asked to place mid slot modules that provide Electronic Warfare over to Top slot?

I’m so confused!

An adjustment on the high slats will need to be done depending on the purpose of the ship and the race that it belongs ,
it will need to have a limit on weapons that can be installed

I’m seriously struggling to understand why this is needed or even desirable.

What is so wrong with the current system that such a massive change is needed?

every ship has a limited ammount of weapons to fit oO but you want to reduce this ammount even more ! some ships cant even used for solo because everything you fit for tackle or utility reduced or eliminate dps … and on the other hand you increase the tank abilitys oO

nothing is wrong … he only want to say something intelligent but until now he didnt for this thread …

Vuhdo and how do you know that I’m a he and not a she or both you never know this days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

first, i dont care in a fictional pixel based game ! why ? because lot of man playing femal chars and i know womans which plays male chars, yes thats maybe rare but it happens ! and as you cant proof what you are i finaly dont care !

second … there is no second !

Its there already for some.

I can run inty’s where I drop a weapon for say NOS. More fleet level work I don’t have to be full dps. My boyz bring the pain. I tackle, nos hits target’s cap since there anyway and I feed the MWD a little.

or were you thinking slot number adjusments. yeah…no. That play out in players favor too. Gankers would be among those players.

Going back to, yeah…, the pvp wolf. Cut it down to 2 guns with +1 utility for say RL/probe launcher, etc slots but have it 100% damage projectile.

Ammo savings there. Part of the fun of pvp. Seeing X rounds of faction go up in smoke on loss. half the guns, 100% damage bonus, half the faction ammo loss cost…not a bad deal that.

Boo!! remove slots types and grant 8/8/8 fittings to all ship! #anarchy #AnotherOfThesePeoplesIdeas

I read the whole thing and I’m still not sure the purpose of this change at all. There are a few exceptions of modules that are unnaturally in a slot that doesn’t make sense, but it’s for balancing reasons that clearly go beyond the OP imagination.

Next thing he’ll ask is to merge grid and CPU into one bar and rebalance the whole fit systems 'coz he says so.

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