Whole ship fit slot stripping (in between stripping all equipment and unfitting only item)

Have you ever feel need to clear exaclt high/mid/low or even rigs whole ship slot?

I.e. for:

[High] changing a whole set of weapons on Gnosis or Cormorant
[Mid] changing to more effective equipment for imicus/heron/probe/magnate
[Low] changing immediately inertial stabilizers to Expanded cargohold on cargo delivery route and back while return trip at i.e. haulers?

without stripping equipment of other types (with “Strip Fitting” command) or:

[Rigs] just through away all that installed trash to the ship you bought assembled and cheap via contract to place there exactly what you want to install

and not doing it (unfit/destroy) one by one on every repeatable item you want to unfit/destroy type of exactly?

Wasn’t such repeatable actions ever frustrated you and made game some way boring?

There’s a solution! I would suggest developers to implement possibility to strip/destroy each ship slot (high/mid/low/rigs) separately, buty in full - including all items installed there.

FInally, what for they separated equipment by different slots if not to apply such feature?

If there’s no difference and no application to these differences between slots - why wouldn’t just make one long line (or round) of equipment without that limits to different-typed ship fit slots?

Only what is needed, as I see it, a community support of such feature to be implemented.

So… What do you, EVE community [and Council], think about it?

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So to explain this better, you want to strip modules based on slots?

Like options to strip high slots, strip mid slots, strip low slots?

Without stripping individually or whole ship.

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I’m sure this would likely be useful, but given how many different ways there are to remove stuff from a ship (repackaging, right clicking, strip fittings, etc), I don’t know if it’s the worth the effort to spend on it for each rack.


The eve-fitting stuff for swapping out one fitting to another (sans the rigs for non-T3 cruisers) runs like a crappy macro, slow and finicky that removes items one at a time in line with server pulses.
The only real use is for multi-fitting doctrine ships to toss into a corp hanger…and while that was the intended use, the advertising for the fitting swap claimed that it was suitable for more general purposes (it’s not).

Usually it’s better just to have two ships, one with each fitting, and hop to the next ship (even for T3C’s for most purposes) just because of how poor the functionality of swapping from one ship fit to another is through that tool.

It doesn’t work when the modules are inside station contains, there’s no way to put the removed modules into a container or repackage them as necessary, and it breaks for non-fitting related items (i.e. not enough exotic dancers in the station inventory to refill the cargo hold with 2 of them).

While improving that functionality would be helpful, I’d say those improvements should be on the lower end of the priority scale for dev time spent to fix it – The Photon UI needs a lot of work in the fine-tuning department to smooth out the issues until it gets to being on par with the ‘default’ UI, and a multi-fitting sort of capability for PI to switch from one profile to another would be a lot more helpful in the near term.

Anyhow, that’s my thoughts.

Yes, exactly. Only you forgot is destroying whole rigs slot also.

But none of these ways provide opportunity to clear only whole slot with only player action, which makes all that existing “ways” useless for numerous situations, exactly described above at initial topic post, where such new feature suggested clearly applicable and highly useful.

And again if talking about “the ways” what a point of such different racks existence if there’s no option (“way”) to act with each of it (including stripping all modules from it only) separately?

I’m not really understanding you. The reason why there are high/mid/low slots is obvious. Not being able to remove all the highs or all the mids at the same time is not game breaking. It just takes a few extra clicks to do it.

Yes, it’s a nice to have. But I don’t think it’s critical. I’ll add it to my list of little QOL things, but I wouldn’t expect them to jump on this immediately.


Probably it’s obvious for you, but not for me. For me all slots are the same and only meaning of slots for players to confuse them more and click on it more and more. However it still exists and, as it already, I would like to have possibility to handle them separately.

i don’t see any limitations here:

about I have to post only “game-breaking” propositions here, however I clearly see a phrase:
“In this forum, any EVE player can raise an issue for debate.”
Did I miss something? What is your “game-breaking” reference here about?
Ok, I can suggest canceling all the ship fit slots, that will clearly ease ship fitting [of all players want to see on the ship] for everyone - will it “game-breaking” enough for you? )) However now I’m talking not about it.

What about

takes a few extra clicks to do it.


you are not right.

I.e. to split 6 modules at low slot of Bestower (which have some another equipment set so then using RMB-“Strip Fitting” is not an option, and only one - unfitting modules one by one) I have to repeat 6 times the next actions:

  1. RMB on (or hover over) a low-slot module.
  2. click on Unfit.

That way I have to make 12 extra clicks to do it which is not at all a “few”. Taking in view I need to repeat it again and again while changing the ship route - that frustrates me much.

And that’s just the only example.

Hope now you understand my suggestion better.

I don’t expect it to be implemented immediately, however I still expect it ever.

Thank you.

you could switch out your low slots only using saved fittings .

the functionality to remove entire slot fitting exists in the fitting screen , but the modules aren’t actually removed . where would the modules go , if you remove them in space , using a mobile depot or ship like orca to refit ? your cargo , the mobile depot , or the fleet hangar ? this choice would mean more mouse clicks .

agree with brisc rubal , this would be nice , but not a high-priority .


Yes, you seem to be operating under the illusion that all you need to do is post here and suddenly some random CSM member is going to jump up and do your bidding.

That’s not how it works.

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This illusion is clearly fueled by CCP-staff at support help center - so… if you have another point of view - what else have I do except posting it at forum? Pay your Character 1B ISKs for your attention? Or pay live cash to your personal CC?

Until you propose any other way of breaking my, from your words, “illusion” I still continue thinking best and most useful I can do for such feature to be ever implemented (and now at least to be seen and probably debated), is clearly post it to forum.

Now I can only add what already said above:

"I don’t expect it to be implemented immediately, however I still expect it ever.

Thank you."

I never saw such functionality. Can you be more detailed about where is it implemented (i.e. post an image?)?

Also, if you say it’s already have place but still don’t work - that’s makes whole goal even simpler - developers have to make something similar, which, from your words, already implemented, just to make working properly.

Debating about where such modules have to go is not the current topic initial issue, but also can have place. However I don’t hear your propositions. I see only wowing of discontent and unaddressed questions. As I see it now - it can be moved to the same location as it usually being moved while stripping all equipment or unfitting modules one by one (usually it’s the same place).

About “not a high-priority” - hm… So what? And I see it as clearly one. That is objective of debates - to hear ALL voices, and not to overwhelm with quantity of high-priorities.

You posted the idea. I said I would add it to my list to ask for, but I didn’t think it was necessary, nor would it likely happen any time in the near future.

If that’s not good enough for you, I don’t know what else to tell you, dude.

Probably I missed something. That clearly good for me if you’ll at least try. No matter will it succeed or not. Thank you.

fit ship and save fitting . fit ship with alternate fit and save using alternate name . put the modules that differ between fit in hangar . you can switch fit using the saved fitting menu .

what you ask for is already functional in game .

Don’t be cheap. Buy multiple of the same ship and fit them differently. Use the one you want for the job at hand. Then you only have the initial fitting of them and no switching around fits all the time.

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I see your both’ playing style slogan is:
We are not looking for easy ways

I have to add: did you know wombats have a square poop? And if you will perform surgery on your butt - you will be able to have same square poop! Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you want to try?

Or making things easier (including a poop) is much better for everyone then to make it harder?

I think current proposition is good to be implemented. And words about “it already implemented” is clear lie (and saved fits number is limited to 250 only which is less then one saved fit per one different in-game ship from, how many? 330 total? so saving “many good fits” for the same ship is not an option at all if you plan to have not only type of ship) as one as proposition to “not to be cheap” is bad proposition, as there’s still too many junk in the hangar, and it have LIMITED SIZE (no more then 1000 items+ships are allowed). Also I don’t want to turn the game into endless scrolling of ship with fit I need same moment trying to remember which name I gave to ship with exact wanted fit…

So instead of irony - just tell - yes or no… I think this will be enough to understand your own opinion regarding currently proposed idea (about ship slot stripping, not about square poop).

Hangar containers exist for a reason. Basically get more room for your stuff

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