Some interesting utility highslot module ideas

I have a few utility highslot module ideas that would be quite fun for solo (edit: and fleet) pvp, especially for cruisers and below.

  1. Thermal Antidissipation Array I / Compact / Scoped / T2
    This module would be complicated to introduce, as it would involve a rework of the overheating mechanic.
    The mechanic as it is now, I believe, works by spreading heat damage points to modules on a rack as they get overheated using RNG. These points then get summed and put over the total module health available to get the overheat level of the rack, which is then displayed between the capacitor and hull HP bars of your HUD.
    For this module to work, overheating would need to be reworked so that every overheating of a module would put heat into the rack, something like 2-4% per cycle for a gun, 15-30% for a prop mod, etc. Then the heat has to dissipate from the onboard heat sink at a set order-one reaction rate, such as halving the heat every 10s. This would be another value to add to a ship’s hull stats. Anyway, the percentage of the full heat damage capability per cycle (increased from before this change) would reflect on the heat of the rack, which can go above 100% (but just won’t show it).
    For example, say a 5 turret ship with no utility highs overheats its guns for ten cycles, adding 4% heat per cycle with a value of 40 HP per gun and 5 heat damage value, with a 10s halving time and a 5s cycle time, e.g. an Omen or Thorax.
    The first heat cycle does no damage to the guns, but raises the high slot rack heat to 20%, which decreases to about 14% after 5s. The second cycle deals 14% of (5x5) or about 3.5 damage to the rack, spread out among the guns, and increases heat to 36%, which decreases down to about 25% after 5s. Third cycle does 6.3 damage to the guns and leaves the heat at 33% after 5s. Fourth cycle does 8.3 damage and goes to 37.5% Then about 10 damage, then 11, then 12, then another 12, finally doing about 100 damage overall, give or take 10.
    This is enough to more than half burn out your guns in 50s or so, combletely burning them out around 80s on average. This mechanic would add some really interesting heat management to pvp, and would allow the new module to do its thing.
    The Thermal Antidissipation Array would add heat to an opponent’s module rack, so that your opponent cannot overheat their modules as long without taking a large risk. The module would have a cycle time of about 6s, similar to a small energy neutralizer, high cap usage (maybe 40GJ/cycle?), and would increase heat on all racks by 15% for a T1, 17.5% for a Meta, and 20% for a T2. It could also be scripted to target specific racks, raising heat on a single rack by 20% / 25% / 30% for the diffent meta levels of the module.
    Stacking penalties would apply for obvious reasons, so when one is applied to a target, another will not raise the heat as much. For example, one T2 TAA would raise 20% per cycle, another would raise 20% of (100-20) or 16%. A third raises 13% per cycle, a fourth is 10%, etc. The range would be similar to the neutralizer system.
    The main problem I see with this system is its effect on solo pvp battleships. A well-timed system of TAAs could keep the battleship at about 168% heat on all racks when the battleship is running cold. This means that three cycles of a heated prop mod, or just 5 heated 8-group turret cycles, is enough to cripple the ship. Larger ships and modules will have to have higher local heating amounts with better heat sinks, making them less vulnerable to TAAs. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for your patience. If any of this is confusing, feel free to ask any questions about it below, and I’ll try to clear it up for you.
    I think it would be cool if there was no counter to this, but maybe rigs or low slots can be added that reduce the heat halving time of a ship. This module / rig would allow your ship to run hotter for longer and be more resistant to external heating.
    If I were to use this in solo pvp, I would probably use it either unscripted or scripted to mid slots (to punish overheated props and scrams).

  2. Small / Medium / Large / Capital Holographic Projector System
    This module would make the ship it is fitted to appear one additional time on directional scanners, but not on the overview. The ship would have the same name, type, icon, and distance.
    It would take the same amount of fitting space as the same size of compact energy neutralizer, and uses minimal capacitor upon activation, maybe 1GJ for a small, 10GJ for a medium, 50GJ for a large, and 200GJ for a capital.
    This can be used in a multitude of creative ways. You can make a fleet half full of dictors and tackle ships, all with the same name, and send them with your cloaky or recon fleet. These modules will look to a scout as if the entire local spike is caused by a small, maneuverble fleet, enabling your recons to do their thing when they show up unexpectedly.
    It could also be used for intimidation. If you want to chase a farmer out of their FW complex, show up with what looks like two ships. You could also use reverse psychology to unexpectedly 2v1 someone when they try to call your bluff.

In conclusion, I like the current lineup of utility high slot modules, but I feel that there is a distinct opportunity for more creativity in high slot fitting. The current options are neut, nos, and smartbomb, plus a secondary weapon system here or there. There are a couple of other things, like remote reps, entosis, salvagers, probes, etc., but those first three are the only ones consistently used across all forms of pvp. I think that these new modules would add yet another level of complexity to the game that would lead to many exciting new fits and compositions for years to come.

Maybe ill have some other ideas soon idk…

Any other ideas feel free to post down below, I am excited to see all of the thoughts.

I make some walls of text myself, but damn.

TL:DR (hopefully, OP doesn’t think I misrepresented any of his ideas)

OP wants to expand utility high mod options

  1. Ewar mod that would overheat mods on an enemy ship. Range similar to a neut. Targets one rack at a time? Subject to stacking penalties. OP thinks the mod might be OP, and suggests that you might have to introduce mods/rigs that reduce heat damage in order to provide a counter.
  2. Mod that makes your ship show up twice on D-scan (but not twice on the overview). OP envisions it being used to mislead enemies/prey, which could conceivably lead them to making bad decisions.

My opinions

  1. Sounds OP to me too, would probably discourage a lot of players from brawling, and I suspect that it would be widely hated (of course, the people that use them would love them). I just don’t see players on the receiving end being too happy when their ships get turned into bricks after 3 or so cycles. Maybe you could scale back it’s effects in order to help balance it, but I would rather see a utility high mod that reduces heat damage, and that allows people to overheat their guns for longer.
  2. Meh. I’m tired, so I think I’ll reserve judgement on this one.
    No P2W

I always forget to overheat, so 1 would be a benefit for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2 is like some kind of cat and mouse thing, but I can’t see how projecting 2 Hulks or Blingy BS would be a good thing? :skull_and_crossbones:

Managing heat is already a nice mechanic. It’s easy to burn something out when situations are tense. This mod seems like it would ruin a very cleanly implemented and crucial part of PvP.

I like the idea of screwing with the dscan. Another option with the same theme would be a deployable that shows up as a hull you choose. Small is Frig/Dessie, etc.

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I’ve always preferred the idea of a deployable that you can put a bpc into and it will project an ‘image’ on d-scan whilst consuming the bpc.


I’ve liked the idea of messing with dscan for a while.

Decoys and the ability to show up differently, mostly.

See that mining fleet? Is it actually a mining fleet? Or is it a trap for hunters?

  1. I think will be OP
  2. Will be MASSIVELY abused in large fleet fights / null battles

Ah yes, I didn’t realize that it would discourage people from brawling. I like brawling, and that is a very good point. Maybe it could be like a TD, with range out to like 40k or so, so snipers would still be ok against it. Scaling back the effects would not help much against the battleships, because the ones using the TAAs are little frigatey things that would use it anyway when ganging up on stuff. The three cycles only applies while you are heating, and clearing the hostile TAAs would alleviate the problem quickly. A utility high to reduce heat damage would be too overpowered in my opinion, especially on things like sniper battleships and destroyers (like a Thrasher, perfect example). On the subject of the TL:DR, I thought that those modules could be used to counter the TAA and reduce heat damage, but didn’t think that they’d be completely necessary. The easing factor for large ships would be their high heat dissipation rates, gaining heat through their much hotter modules rather than their slow dissipation rates. Maybe a frigate would have a very long cooldown time to make the TAA more effective against them, idk.

Salt, projecting those things is usually a terrible idea. You wouldn’t fit that to them in the same way you wouldn’t fit 3 small smartbombs to a Dramiel.

Luwc, number 2 is exactly the point. Just one more way to screw with the enemy FC.

You might want to @ guys that you don’t directly reply to, in order to get their attention. For example, doing this @Nujenif_Talvanen would give you a notification even if you weren’t watching the thread.

Ah yes ok. Thanks. Another idea I have is to burst off microwarpdrives, like a burst jammer except with scramming. it would completely throw a fleet into disarray, or make it hard to burn off of an FW beacon with an MWD, since you’d need to be spamming it. Like with burst jammers, you would not need a lock, but it would work within 6 km and be available for all classes. Maybe there could be a heavy that works out to like 40, that would disrupt kitey things. That would be cool. However, it would still permit warping, but shup off the MWD. This could also be used for fast getaways in null. Have a friendly burst scram you as you light your MWD, turn it off for you and then you warp instantly.

any what balance issue are you trying to correct with this extremely powerful module?

not really a balance issue thing, just one other interesting fleet mechanic, also it would further negate the power of ECM by the tiniest of bits. It wouldn’t really be that OP, since you could still warp with it, and it only temporarily disables MWDs, but I see what you are saying.

not sure how something shutting of MWDs impacts ECM. also not sure why if it did you want to nerf the weakest ewar even further.

and “just because its cool” is not a reason to add something on its own. And temporaraly shutting of an MWD isn’t a small thing. its would have a massive impact. being able to do it with out a lock and with that heavy one to all ships in 40km? that’s indeed a bit OP.

ECM is NOT the weakest EWAR. The burst scrammer would affect ECM by offering another choice in substitution for burst jammers, although I do think that is a midslot mod, isn’t it. Nevermind.

How it DOES affect it is providing a module that can work on ships to great effect whilst it it jammed, even by something like double Rooks + ECM drones.

can you give me a list of common situations where ECM is a better choice than Damps?

ah yes I often find myself in a situation surrounded by a cloud of EC300 with two rooks jamming me and think "if only I could turn off this guys mwd for a tick i would be saved

No, maybe you are being jammed because you are a support ship, and the rooks are jamming you out of your support role, you can still do your thing. Also, I lose cruisers in lowsec to Rook + cynabal’s EC-300s.

being the worst E-war is not the same as being bad e-war…

D-scan module to regularly ping D-scan

I don’t think messing with overheating is a good option.

Either it is too strong when you can overheat enemy modules (which can break all of their modules and fit) or your effect does nothing if the enemy can stop using overheat to ignore your effect, which also isn’t fun interesting gameplay for either of the players.

Messing with enemy overheating → no support.

I like your other idea better, to mess with enemy minds, play tricks and create traps with gameplay mechanics, in this case with dscan.

I once had a similar idea that allowed tricking enemies ( New ship type: CLONE DESTROYER ) and I do believe the game could become more fun if players got more tools to trick other players.

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