Expanding Overheating Gameplay with new tools

The overheating mechanic is a core part of pvp yet there are no modules or rigs that directly affect this system in any way.

A few ideas would be:

  • Heat Fins = Utility high that passively increases Rack Heat Dissipation
  • Expendable Heat Fins = Utility high that takes charges and resets Rack Heat when a charge is expended
  • Safety override = Rig that increases heat damage, but also increases the effectiveness of overheating
  • Thermal Insulation = Low slot that increases module health. Also slightly increases a ship’s armor thermal resistance
  • Active Thermal Vents = Mid slot that dissipates Rack Heat but also lowers your shield’s thermal resistance while active
  • A faction module set that had below average normal performance but an above average overheating performance to synergize with any of the above ideas.

In regards to the faction set, thematically each Empire and Pirate faction could release their own module bpcs as the conclusion to years of sleeper and wh space research to help fight the Triglavians. Or Angel Cartel/Serpentis releases them because they’re actually more worried about Upwell’s recent tech inovations than the Triglavian threat. They would combine t1 modules with WH space polymers/salvage. Angle Cartel would have prop mods, Caldari would have Shield Boosters, etc

Note: Any expansion of the overheating mechanic would be a buff to T3 ships since they already have overheating bonuses.


Why does overheating need expanding?


After you unlock the skill and learn to space your mods around you never think about it again. Its not that it “needs” to be expanded, but rather there is a lot of space to do so.

I open my tool box and think, why don’t I have a tool for this?


These ideas do not solve problems or enhance gameplay. The opportunity cost for these mod and rig slots is also absurdly high - they could almost certainly be put to better use elsewhere. Most overheating concerns are addressed by enlisting fleetmates to help bear the load in combat and avoiding using T2 active modules in favor of non-T2.

Besides, T3C/T3Ds are bonused for reducing heat damage (and increasing repair speed from nanites for T3Cs). If you’re expecting to overheat non-stop, use T3C/T3Ds.

(Thanks Wanda for pointing out the T3Ds)

T3Ds are also bonused for heat.

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Whether it’s a good or bad desision to fit the mods/rigs should be made by the individual. Assuming that all situations will lead to a worse outcome misses the point that these aren’t suppose to be better in every situation.

Introducing these tools would enhance gameplay for simply existing. Because they allow for additional considerations when building fleet comps and what you might expect from an enemy.

Saying that you can just bring +1 so there is no need for these is like saying adding Triglavan ships was a waste because you could have just duel boxed another Drake.

The game is better with more tools. This is one of the few areas of your ship that you can’t affect beyond a few skills.

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