Heat Management Rig

350-400 calibration rig to make everything on the ship burn together at exactly the same rate, and to make all the racks share heat. Drawback would be increased heat damage from mods, which can be mitigated by the “jury rigging” skill.

Strength: You can overheat certain mods (i.e. armor repper/shield booster) a lot more and spread the heat to other things without burning anything out.

Weakness: Rig fitting severely restricted. Also, if you burn something out, you burn everything out and need to go find a safe spot so you can nanite everything and turn it back on. Also, if you overheat everything, you burn (almost, there’s always that one random mod that gets burned out first even though you didn’t overheat it) everything out sooner than if you didn’t put this rig in.

Edit: No “This is a bad idea and you should feel bad!” posts? Am disappoint.

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This is a good idea and you should feel good.

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Besides the fitting what other drawbacks would exist? And how would this interact with t3 cruisers bonus to overheating? Sound interesting nonetheless.

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Right now they share heat, but yeah, they do not evenly. But with this rig, you could repair full burn mods?

Also, different modules have different HP available to overheat. That share damage is going to be equal or is a % of their HP?

I saw a little drawback for this Idea, in a row of 8 slots with a single module which can Overheat, this could make it too strong.

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Makes me wonder just how long you could heat things on a T3D/C.

The amount of balance issues this would create would be pretty excessive. You can already run heat on those things for a very long time. MWD heat is very high for a reason, the increase in speed is exceptional.

T3Ds would be able to chase down pretty much anything and everything short of an interceptor (~4km/s with a combat fit). Combine that with a heated point for the extra range, and you’ve got a new winner for fast tackle lol.

I think it would break more content than it would create.

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The only mods I’ve found that have different amounts of hitpoints available are the siege modules, and were never intended to burn out. There are plenty of meta mods (ex. cap boosters, with the faction being “coolest”) which generate different amounts of heat damage. The simplest answer is to ignore hitpoints on the modules being burned when deciding how much heat to apply, because those would be ridiculous burn damage sponges if they took a fraction of the heat damage proportional to hitpoints.

Three solutions, all messy:

No small version (keeps t3d from being tackle).
Restrict from T3 ships and make it leet-PvP-subsystem for not-T3s.
T3D get heavier so less speed boost

My understanding of T3 fits isn’t what it used to be (and was never very good), so someone else would have to theorycraft specific things to do with this rig. Going max tank + prop mod and filling the highs with undersized mods/mods which will never go online seems to be a good place to start, because those would be able to run longest.

What it would do if we allowed it on T3C is mostly to give solo-type players room to play with heat. The reasons given for the heat subsystems on T3C had a lot to do with making subsystems for two different playstyles: heat management in an extended fight is a lot simpler on small numbers of ships than big ones. In a big fight, you can expect part of the fleet to leave their ships’ systems overheated after they’ve been ordered not to because big fleets tend not to do things with perfect military precision.

Whatever. Probably wasn’t a good idea, but it was an interesting concept.

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